News digest No. 43. Freedom of thought

About Apple Watch and other "smart" watches, an improved version of the HTC One (M9), the smartphone with six official firmware, international announcement of Moto Maker and the freedom of choice.

Before proceeding to the main news, I would like to tell you about one funny coincidence.

A few days ago in our blog we had another "Contest enthusiasts" in which readers were asked to tell about perfect, in their opinion, the external battery. Interesting comments was a lot, but I still remember the comment of Alexander Noskov, to which he was not too lazy to make a sketch:

To Carry in a pocket big powerbank when it is not necessary wrong. To achieve a balance between usability and features, you will still need to divide into segments. I would have divided powerbank into three categories:

  1. City (that would be enough until the evening) ~ 1000 mAh.
  2. Travel (3-4 charging) ~ 7-9000 mAh
  3. Marching field (5 charges and higher)

Here is design a La protected the phone is waterproof and shockproof body, bumpers and so on

For the first version I want to dwell, because it is important as anywhere design. It seems flat semicircle protruding USB connector. Nothing superfluous, the minimum size, a simple strip of charge indicator. Production costs are minimal, a great choice for every day. You can safely give to friends and loved ones, not risking going bust. The universal design, suitable for any smartphone, not prevents to make calls. That's all what I need, as a city dweller, for happiness.

Probably the same idea really often come directly bunch of different people. Anyway in the beginning of the week, I came across a news about external battery for Galaxy S6, which perfectly fits the description of Alexander.

And let the competition this time he did not win, but now with a clear conscience can say that the PhoneSuit brazenly stole the idea of such a battery personally from him.

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Once covered in head to toe hair caveman learned to make clothes out of skins, and to warm the cave with the help of fire. And has since become much less hairy. Then people learned how to build a fence of sharpened stakes, breed livestock and stock up food for the future. The ability to run fast and swinging the heavy club in his hand ceased to be vital - and the tribe began to appear smart, but not very well developed physically personality. Over time, people have invented many different mechanisms and adaptations that facilitated their work. Free time has become more and among the people appeared philosophers, musicians, writers.

Many thousands of years later, people invented computers, the Internet and smartphones. But for some reason decided that this time occurred in his life changes for him will have no effect.

But in vain.

Delegation of authority

For centuries people have been looking for a way to shift their business to someone else. Pets, slaves, mechanisms, and even nature itself. And as soon as they have sought to get rid of the "extra" function, replacing it with something else. Still it was mostly physical labor, on which people spend most of their time. In fact, computers were invented exactly for this purpose is to automate the production process, to reduce the amount of manual labor. But eventually computers took over another "feature" of man - the need to think.

Why try to reach the answer by yourself if it is enough to drive it into Google? Why to be able to consider, if in any smartphone is the calculator? Why learn in school and the Institute of dozens of items, if in our enlightened age from almost anywhere in the world you can contact a specialist ready to consult on the problem? Why bother to think if the answers appear even before experiencing the questions themselves?

This question is investigated by different specialists is not the first year, and the results are not very comforting. And it's not just about the ability to produce in the mind complex calculations, but on a much more global things - the ability to work with large amounts of information and draw conclusions based on available facts and things. Another thing that they prefer to ignore and by all means be ignored.

As an example we can cite the results of a recent study from the University of Waterloo, which was attended by 660 people. Gordon Penicuik, study co-author and PhD candidate, said of it: "Our research demonstrates the link between intensive use of smartphones and reduction of level of intelligence. Whether smartphones actually reduce the level of intelligence is an important question that requires further research.

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Needless to say, the wording is quite streamlined. But definitely disturbing.

Mobile phone

Aside from the problems in the universe and return to mobile devices, we can see a funny picture. All buyers tend to have the "best" device, but did not want to understand that this is the "best" means in practice. And whether or not it is the best.

Some customers actually trust the consultants to make choices for them, silently agreeing with any of them, just to be assured that it really is a "best choice". The other part focuses on what you use friends, relatives and colleagues. Once all use smartphone brand X, what about something to think about? We have to go and buy. Perhaps the most reasonable behavior is now considered a search query in your favorite search engine, and the author of such a query will be ready to pay attention only for a short, clear answers. Long articles to read, few people are ready to understand all the pros and cons of the device. The main thing - as soon as possible to determine which version is "correct", and to learn one or two killer argument confirming this choice. Try to understand how and arranged that the competition is superfluous, the less you know - sleep tight.

Of Course, I'm a little exaggerate. As evidenced by at least the existence of the MR and thousands of his readers. However, the point really is about the same.

In this regard was very indicative announcement of the latest iPhone. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is a fundamentally different devices that it can immediately be seen at least on one diagonal of the screen. The choice between these two models should not be too difficult, simply go to the store and rent the other unit in hand. The vast majority of people will immediately understand what phone they are convenient, but they are not yet ready to buy.

However, among some fans of the brand began in genuine hysterics. Before everything was simple and clear - you need to take the latest iPhone with the same amount of memory, which is not too much money. Now all became clear. Because flagships this year two, so which one is better? What device here "real flagship" and what "is not the flagship? What is the correct choice here? What to do with it and who is to blame?

On the words, the ability not to think people are very afraid - perhaps just out of habit. But in practice turns out to be very attractive. And a huge number of people prefer not to overload the brain work wherever they can. Because of this really interesting devices often remain in the shadows, as few customers thought about what they are really worth to pay attention to them. But typical announcements, which are known for the months prior to presentation, from year to year collect a lot of enthusiastic exclamations. Sometimes it seems to me that let Apple or Samsung dialer" from the 90's, but in a modern building, with a slot at the nano-SIM and says "Galaxy S/ iPhone", it would be quite a were sold at last year's flagships. Just because its purchase would have seemed the most part, fans of the brand right. But to understand the details still no one would have been. Quickly would have declared all of this new revolution, and that was the end.

Unfortunately, such experiments are not ready. And sorry, it would be funny.

Apple Watch and other "smart" watches

I'm not a big fan of mobile Apple devices. It just so happened that personally I prefer Android than iOS, and the choice of devices out there much more. Any specifications, any design, any money. Of course, all this does not prevent me watch with interest for announcements Apple and read reviews for all Apple devices. Not necessarily seek to have all those than fond of. And perhaps for the first time in my memory the announcement turned out to be so boring.

All that, in my opinion, you need to know about Apple Watch, at the very beginning of the review said Sergey Kuzmin: "Watch Samsung or Sony are designed for Android devices. Apple Watch - watch for iPhone". While it is good it is worth to mention the multitude of different devices from less well-known brands that work very well with any smartphone, as the same Pebble Watch. But these are details.

Apple Presentation: dragons, watch and medicine

"Smart" watch itself is now pretty dubious. Notifications of missed events and interchangeable dials - it's great, but why all the rest of them "smart" features, I don't really understand. And moreover, I will not undertake to judge how comfortable will the Apple Watch in real life. Just the fact that such devices on the market already hundreds, nothing new in this genre in the Apple did not say. Instead debatable, but certainly the revolutionary iPhone showed us a good analogue keypad Nokia. Which can be great, but the revolution is not nearly pulls. The device as a device, all at the level of the competitors, nothing particularly interesting.

Don't know, maybe someone thinks they are insanely beautiful accessory or a kind of elite status thing. But what I see in the photo is a very common device, suitable for the role rather toys for "geeks" than fashion jewelry. The same Moto 360 look more interesting, and even about watches and do not say anything.

Separately, I note that the company did not fail immediately to announce Watch in a gold case. That, strictly speaking, is the first bell. Yes, the iPhone has always been plenty of cases that met modified version of the apparatus in expensive buildings with Swarovski crystals and so on. But this was a consequence of the popularity of Apple devices, and not the cause. Many dealers were warming his hands on someone else's success, but Apple itself did not have to release the iPhone with the case of gold, to somehow prove that this device is fashionable. In his time the iPhone was plastic, and its popularity is not prevented. Both students and top managers.

Someone in the habit of trying to tighten the old song: "all of you and to the success of the iPhone is not believed, and iPad frame was called, and that's with Apple Watch will sit in a puddle". I don't know, anything can happen. To predict something about this company - lesson really ungrateful. That's just it-it is not about profit Apple, and the market itself.

Besides, I have little doubt that Apple will be able to draw in the quarterly reports beautiful sales figures. Did it even Samsung with the first version of their smart watch, which at the time were horrible and crude, but still worked with only a couple of phones. And Apple Watch is still the product of a different class, which slowly and carefully brought to mind. Yes and advertising support they will be no less. And the watch will buy millions that was clear long before the presentation. That's the only trouble is that there is no impetus to the market for wearable electronics from this announcement will not receive. How were the "smart" watch a kind of "thing in itself", so while it will remain. And on what OS they work and what they logo - business the tenth.

Fans of the brand can offer a little experiment. For fun, try to imagine that in the case of the watch instead of the bitten Apple logo Samsung. And the OS on which they work, called "Android Wear the" c shell "TouchWiz". Well, they still seem unique and revolutionary? There was no desire to speak on the topic of what Samsung (the manufacturer of these hours) speaks neither in the design nor in the convenience or innovation? This is now the past century, but the company will come and all will show? Or, say, make a joke about the battery life and the life at the outlet?

Especially surprising predictions about the imminent demise of pedometers and fitness bracelets. Say, to Apple Watch used by all and Sundry, and now suddenly everything stops. Although with the same success you can begin to fear for the fate of clocks or TVs. After the first also show the time, and secondly there is also a screen. However, otherwise, it is completely different products, but not scary.

Of Course, in a separate run, the smart watch will cause the market of fitness bracelets noticeable damage. For example, the proliferation of smartphones affected the sales of cheap CD players and rock players. But first, up to the time of "smart" watches must have to survive and not to sink into Oblivion, as the same pagers. And secondly, the announcement of Apple Watch this time not much closer - if you want to replace the pedometer on the smart watch can be had for a very long time, some that took advantage of. That is only until that manufacturers of all kinds of smart bracelets suffer more from competition between them, especially because at some point the market was clearly all of these pedometers are saturated.

Once again - by themselves Apple Watch will certainly be a quality product. And someone definitely will like. Especially those of the principle is not ready to face the products of other firms. But the beginning of a new era, they will surely not be, but from Apple we are in the depths of the soul had expected this.

Interesting and reaction to the announcement of Apple Watch other manufacturers. The main slogans are usually two: "we are cheaper" and "From a technical point of view our products cooler". Exactly the same thing we saw after the announcements of the iPhone, iPod and iPad. And already it is clear that in this, these slogans do not work. Those who were not going to move to the "Apple" products, from all this, of course, delighted, but here in CA Apple all these cries do not affect in any way. iPhone or iMac buy is clearly not in order to save money. And the label "iPhone killer" has long been perceived as not very good joke and points that failed the "company killer" does not add. But no, the PR departments competitors still cannot get off the beaten track and either come up with something more original that will really hook the buyers, or to remain silent.

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Perhaps best of all, this plan received the Huawei. Instead of the loud slogans they just announced the price of "gold" version of their new smart watch. In Germany it will be 400 euros, exactly the same as the basic version of the Apple Watch. While in appearance they (in my opinion) at least not inferior.

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However, the price itself plays a much smaller role than people think. The buyer should understand (or think would understand) what he gets for their money. For a unique and revolutionary, from his point of view, the device, he will pay even more than they had planned. And on a typical, unremarkable, even useful device will prefer to save.

Another thing is that their idea of beauty in everyone. Someone first looks at the fashion brand, someone on specifications, somebody on the design. The same Apple Watch many believe revolution is simply because it is the first watch from Apple. No matter what all of this has already been on the market and so - still it was "wrong", and now suddenly become "properly". And let me personally this approach is not very close, he also has the right to life.

Personally, I'm much more interested in hearing about the "smart" hours Oppo. They say that the company has managed to develop a unique charging system in which the hours battery will charge in about 5 minutes. If so, then it's great. And negates the main problem of "smart" hours Wear on Android and iOS a little while offline.

on the one hand, this sounds like a blatant fiction. With other work in the field of fast charging the company is already very long. The same Oppo Find 7 supported proprietary technology VOOC, due to which the battery was charged at 3/4 just half an hour.

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All week over the network actively walking the rumors and leaks about the new smartphones of the company. It would seem, had just been shown the HTC One (M9), what are you waiting for? But there is every reason to assume that soon HTC will present an improved version of its flagship. Perhaps in different versions for different countries.

The Funny thing is that at one time HTC has already stepped on the same rake. At a time when the company was at its peak, it was to announce several flagships in a row. And they had a similar design, more or less comparable price and almost the same name. Users did not like it - I had to compare devices among themselves, to read the specs, read reviews... and be afraid that a huge amount of money wasted on "not the current" flagship of the entire line.

At the moment we can assume that the new flagship will have two versions. One of them will be for China (conventional name - HTC One E9) and the second version will be international (code name - HTC One M9 Plus).

In a recent interview with the Director of the American branch of HTC said something like the following:

Looking at the HTC One (M9), I with a clear conscience I can say that we have released the best premium device on the market. But to dwell on this we do not intend. Towards the end of the month we will show you something very interesting that will be very different from both Samsung and iPhone.

Sounds intriguing. But especially trust all these big words I wouldn't - no matter how the case actually, and the leaders of this rank must put a good face on any game. The same M9, with all its pros, evolution rather than revolution.

According to the available "live" photos still did not really understand. Not even clear how many cameras will be in what version is on some pictures visible brand "double" HTC Dual Camera, but on the other there is nothing like this. Also on some photos you can see the physical button below the display, similar to key in SGS.

If you believe the rumors, the smartphone will have a screen size of 5.2-inch with a resolution of 2560x1440, the Snapdragon processor 810 and 3 GB of RAM.

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On the background of the announcements Apple almost unnoticed was the news that the corporate service Moto Maker will be available soon worldwide. The official launch of the international version of the service will be held later this month, but in which countries it will be available immediately, and which then, is not reported.

In my opinion, the Moto Maker is one of the most interesting, yet most underrated ideas last time. Alas, for most buyers, it was too complicated and unintuitive. As it is, hundreds of variants of the same smartphone? And well if it was just about the colors - so no, there's also a bunch of obscure materials, from bamboo to Kevlar. No, we don't play. We need simply the best smartphone, and not a choice. In this case it only prevents. Suddenly I'm wrong will you choose?

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Elephone P5000

I do Not know what will be the fate of this project. On the one hand, the idea of it is interesting. On the other - it all depends on the necessity of choice. What modern buyer likes only in words but not in deeds. Than to deal with the peculiarities of the different membranes, it will be easier to put up with all faults, the only thing that is already on his phone. And in a year or two to buy a new phone of the same company.

Let me Remind you that we are talking about a special smartphone for which brand will be officially available many different shells. In this respect it is somewhat similar to PC, on which no one bothers to put any version of Windows, and any distribution of Linux or some other OS.

Currently officially available firmware six: MIUI, CyanogenMod, EMUI, TouchWiz, YunOS, Android 4.4.2 KitKat and Android 5.0 Lollipop.

As for the characteristics of the smartphone, they are quite decent. Even if not top.

  • Screen size of 5-inch with a resolution of 1920x1080
  • Eight-core processor MediaTek MT6592 (1.7 GHz)
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 16 GB of internal memory, a slot for microSD
  • Main camera 16 MP, front camera 8 MP
  • Battery 5 350 mAh

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Instead of an afterword

Life is such an amazing thing, in which you need to constantly make a choice. And be able to at least roughly estimate its consequences - using logic, intuition, or anything else. At first it is very difficult, but with age starts to happen. Practice is a great thing.

In this regard, the choice of the mobile device is no different from any other solution. Even if you delegate their powers to someone else (sales consultants who wrote the review journalist familiar "boom", the opinion of the crowd) - to suffer the consequences all the same to you. You can endlessly look extreme, but the situation will not change. And if for you it is at least as important, it is not better to try to understand that you choose and why, and not just blindly follow fashion? And should I be afraid to act like everyone else, if the machine you buy is not for those "all" and for yourself?

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