News digest No. 42. Main event MWC

The Main events MWC: announcements, Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Nokia, Lenovo, Gionee and Microsoft.

This issue of the digest will be quite short. The reason is simple – for this week was MWC. On the pages of MR published about a dozen articles about this exhibition, which covered in detail all the innovations presented. For those who have no time to read long articles, the same information, but in condensed form, are presented on the pages of our blog about Android. In parallel, all major news are published in Twitter and social networks, where to find them and not you for ten minutes. So don't think there's any sense once again to repeat the long – known facts-those who are at least a little interested in mobile theme is already up to date.

All materials from the exhibition MWC 2015

On the other hand, the beauty of any facts that that they can be interpreted in completely different ways. Even reading the same announcement of the same smartphone model, someone thinks the device is unusual and interesting, and someone – the usual passing model. And to argue about the success of the new products or the future of the companies themselves, can and does infinitely, and to dominate will be exactly opposite points of view.


MWC 2015

Overall, the exhibition was pretty interesting – primarily due to high-profile presentations flagships. Don't know about you, but I am very glad that manufacturers have once again become time iconic previews for major exhibitions, and to organize a separate event. To some extent it is a New year in the world of mobile technology. Not only the time from which you can start to count the annual cycle, but also a real feast for all those interested in mobile theme. Once on the same role claimed by CES – but the experience of recent years shows that nothing really worthwhile out of this venture did not work out.

MWC 2015. Impressions and tendencies, the most important of Barcelona

It's Funny that for "simple users" the exhibition was even more fun than for hardcore geeks, though, it would seem, should be the other way round. The reason is numerous leaks, which everyone could see almost a month before the official announcement of new models. In this respect, at MWC revealed nothing unexpected – what are the same HTC One or Galaxy S6, it was clear long ago.

About "geeks" and "not a geek"

At least it's funny to read the arguments of fans of different brands on the just-announced machines. Even if the person sincerely tries to be very objective (which is a rarity in itself), he is in any case formed on each firm some impression, which has over it a certain power. For someone Samsung is innovation and cool hardware, for someone not "shovel-like" models, and for someone – secondary design that follows the models of other companies. And looking at the characteristics of the new device or reading the text of the article, everyone will see in it something of their own, involuntarily trying to adjust the facts to an existing theory. Like looking at the world through glasses colored glasses – pink, black, green, or blue, that's how it goes.

In Recent years, such disputes have become very popular argument "I do not know where from the point of view of any "geeks" who always suck problems from the finger, but for normal people like me have flagship everything's cool." This is a universal response to any claim from podlahoviny interface to screen resolution and battery capacity. They can justify anything, presenting any existing gaps so small that it and can not pay attention.

On the other hand, there are commentators who try to prove the importance of any they found fault. Both real and imaginary. And they are also irreconcilable. Say, any sensible person understands that this screen resolution is redundant, so the battery capacity is too small, and such a shell is by definition uncomfortable. And those who think differently – these are the "common buyers", long ago fallen under the spell of the bright advertising and crafty marketers.

With no clear distinction between "buyers" and "geeks", there can be. Everyone puts in these words something of their own. Theoretically, the term "geek" means any person who is deeply interested mobile themes. In this sense, any regular reader MR – are, by definition, a "geek". Or a masochist, for some reason, studying is boring and uninteresting materials.

But with this interpretation, many disagree. If you go to some specialized kind of forum 4pda, it appears that "geek" is a honorary title that can be earned only one who reflash your phone at least a dozen times. And if you read the comments to any review on the same MR, it turns out that "geek" is any person who understands the technology better than the commentator. That, of course, is completely unacceptable, even embarrassing, about the most "geek" to immediately inform, not especially choosing expressions.

Interestingly, the producers themselves your audience to "geeks" and "geeks" it is clearly not divided. The same Galaxy Note, which was originally considered a typical "golovskoy" model is not necessary and incomprehensible to "ordinary users", I often see in the hands of very far from the technique girls than among the bearded programmers. And the same Motorola smartphone with a bunch of awesome interchangeable lids from dozens of types of materials – the lot just not as many mods, how many understand the phones people. That's the paradox.

Flagship 2015


Another eternal reason pozuboskalit – the design of the devices. No preview is never complete without comments "again, they have the Apple design stolen". Perhaps, then Samsung gets the joke about the two Korean designers for many years, but have not forgotten about it today. And as there actually look smartphones the Korean company, no value has – the fact that they again copied the iPhone's design, it is an axiom, certainly not self-evident.

No doubt that Samsung released the usual brick and apply on it the inscription "Galaxy", as here, it turns out that it copies the iPhone a little more than full. In the end, it is also rectangular – and that in itself is a violation of all conceivable copyright.

One time the company was obviously trying to fight the reputation of "thieves" design. For example, Samsung Galaxy S3, copy iPhone is not stalling by definition. Although from accusations of plagiarism, the company is still not saved. And here now decided to turn hackneyed joke inside out, do to design Galaxy S6 design in "Apple" style. While, ironically, presenting along with it the premium version of the flagship, which has a much more distinctive design.

First impressions of the Galaxy S6/S6 EDGE

Habit is second nature. How would users either saying you want to see something new and different, in practice they are very suspicious of any innovations. All the unusual initially causes rejection of the desire to understand something new, most people are not, and to risk their money, abandoning time-tested option is also not desirable. And when you know exactly what "right" and what is "wrong", what is fashionable and what is not – live much easier.

Companies prefer not to risk, successfully playing on the bad habits of buyers. Samsung did exactly what they were waiting for the buyers themselves – spit on decency and released an "alternative" to the iPhone. Just because it's the path of least resistance, which obviously guarantees a good sale. Since the company is so and so hung that label, what prevents to use the already existing reputation as a "designer-thieves"? Sales, as practice showed, it absolutely can not hurt.

I don't know how is the right way. Of course, this time the decision will pay off. And next may too. But what to do?

There is a concept "the effective Manager". Once the so-called leaders who are able to achieve their goals. But recently this term has appeared and a different meaning. So jokingly began to call leaders, who for short-term profits are taking very questionable decisions that really end up hurting the company in the future. For example, refuse from the development of promising areas, or massively reduce the state only to show beautiful figures in the current quarterly report.

Samsung Actions – from the same Opera. You cannot live by copying someone else's design. Yes, it's convenient, cheap and yet gives the result – but sooner or later users will get tired of it. Especially if with other innovations, too, will be tight. Design is one of the reasons to buy a device, and frankly it's silly to neglect this factor.

Maybe the company believes that to stop copying the iPhone they will be able at any time, immediately presenting something completely new and different from products of competitors. And then to be considered a trendsetter. Here only in practice this "new" buyers have to accustom gradually. As, for example, a large display diagonal. In Samsung many years ago said that from their point of view, smartphones with diagonal up to 5-inch will be comfortable for all people. However, the size of the screens in smartphones, they increased gradually, not trying to move away from traditional 3.8 to 5-inch. As a result, everything turned out just fine – no matter how many commentators or grumbling about the fact that such a "spade" normal people do not need such a diagonal size of display has become the standard, take into account that had all competitors.

But with the design of the company all strictly on the contrary. Instead of trying to change the fashion in its sole discretion, to Samsung continue blindly copy competitors ' solutions. The trouble is that the vehicles in the style of "a La iPhone" the world is full of and without Samsung. They also often cheaper. And sooner or later many users of Korean technology will come up with the idea – if there is no difference, why pay more? Copy it and have a copy – does it matter what brand on it?

Now Samsung is at the peak of popularity, and he is quite capable to impose on the market any game rules. In advance to grow a loyal fans of the style. But for some reason he refuses to do so. Yes, technically the company unveiled the Galaxy S6 EDGE, which looks really strange. That's just mass, this model will not affect the preferences of users in the design will not more than smartphones Vertu.


The New flagship HTC was the mistakes, the main of which was the brand camera with a 4MP matrix. On the one hand, it's great, because last year device was quite successful. On the other, a little sad, to realize such simple things, the company took several years, during which we have persistently forced "to have something to give", telling tales about the benefits of the UltraPixel for health.

HTC One (M9). First glance

It So happened that the flagship of HTC is, first and foremost, the design. Design case, the design of the shell. A whole bunch of unusual decisions, sometimes good, sometimes not. Even during the sales of HTC Hero, the company used the slogan "because he's special", and in this respect in recent years, little has changed. The flagship of HTC is primarily a smartphone "not as all", a different view of usual things, the unusual design – and only then powerful specifications. That is the beauty of performance fans have forgiven any company all the technical shortcomings.

In this regard, it is unfortunate that HTC has decided to stop, almost without changing the design of the device. One thing to keep the original style, and another to copy the design cleaned. Despite all the leaks, I was hoping that HTC One (M9) will differ from the M8 the same as the one different from the M7.

However, if we talk about the CIS countries, all in any case will decide the price. From HTC it has never been low, and now, with regard to all the circumstances, and all can fly to the clouds. Not sure what the new camera will be able for many to justify such a large sum.

But not long ago, every phone company had their own name and unique face. It is a pity that those days are gone forever. However, I have sworn never to draw conclusions about the smartphones of this company for photos and list of specifications. In life there is always waiting a lot of surprises, both pleasant and not. Even if to speak only about the external appearance of the device.

Announcements And brands

LG and Sony – two companies that last years go in opposite directions. Noticeable and the vehicles that they presented at the MWC.


Maybe fans of the Japanese company have in this respect your opinion, but, in my opinion, to distinguish between the Sony device from each other is almost impossible. And if in the review of new item add photos last year's model, few people will notice the trick. This is a good, solid machines – but no particular emotion in themselves they do not cause. The phrase "I like the design of the phone Sony XXX" can always be replaced by the phrase "I like the design of the line Sony Xperia". Or even simpler – "I like Sony Style".

Sony Xperia M4 Aqua — first look
Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet — first look

Alas, the pace Sony Style will soon sink into oblivion – even with a good design sooner or later get bored, and to offer something new designers I'm afraid. Although it would seem when lose practically nothing (rumors about the readiness of Sony to sell its mobile division appear with surprising regularity), it would be possible to take the risk. But no, the Japanese prefer to follow the precepts of Kasimir Malevich, who after the famous "Black square" painted a dozen "black", "white" and "red". Probably fans of his work happy, Yes, that's ten years later about these masterpieces of world art not remembered, no one.


LG, by contrast, is experimenting. This "big-eyed" smartphone on Android, and completely unique device for Firefox OS. However, the news is quite "hairy" – on these smartphones has been known for a long time.

MWC 2015. News LG and LG Fx0 LG AKA

Don't know if it's something the company – both models turned out, to put it mildly, on the fan. But to watch her announcements certainly interesting.


Another example of a smartphone for fans. And it's not even that good this system is or bad. Tastes even just silly to argue, and try to impose their ideas about the perfect opponent – and at all nonsense. The fact is that whatever that OS might be, it has not changed.

MWC 2015. The Microsoft smartphones

If you liked the last smartphones of the company, you'll love the new items. If WP was uncomfortable, I doubt that something will change dramatically this time.

News from China


The Lenovo I'm a little biased. At the time, had to suffer with their laptops – and since I belong to the products of this company with a fair amount of distrust. You know how all this is silly, but can not do anything.

However, even I have to admit that in recent years the mobile division of this company is moving forward by leaps and bounds. And it's not only and not so much on its purchase of Motorola, how many of the smartphones under the "family" brand.

Yes, Lenovo do not hesitate to release "clones" iPhone, and points in the eyes of European buyers, this company adds. But Lenovo has a number of bright and original ideas. Albeit for most buyers of the company – a common "Chinese" in smartphones is interesting, first of all, price. But remember, not so long ago Samsung was considered a "manufacturer of refrigerators", and his smartphone – "Asian cheap". But at some point in the minds of buyers was broken, and the products of this company was perceived quite differently.

MWC 2015. Lenovo Vibe Shot and other novelties

Just above I complained that the scattering of interesting smartphones gradually gives way to the annual re-issue of the flagships and heaps of "passing average" middle price segment. Lenovo is one of the few companies that thinks otherwise. In any case, the same Vibe Shot looks great.


But the Gionee smartphones it can be said not always. Pictures of the same Gionee Elife S7 evoke deadly boredom. Yes, fine. Yeah, looks nice. But this design of "a La Apple" is rather tired. If we were talking about a specific presentation, is not so much conspicuous. But looking through photos of dozens of different devices from MWC, from this "Apple" design, very tired.

MWC 2015. Gionee IUNI U3 and S7 mini

However, to familiarize with novelties of the company still stands. First, they, too, will find something to surprise. And secondly, a couple of months they can start to sell in our market.


Recently, everyone knew that Nokia is Finnish company. Then, after the purchase of its mobile division to Microsoft, began to get used to the fact that it is likely the American company. And so, have to be retrained for the third time – from the brand "Nokia" Microsoft, in fact, abandoned, but now to meet this logo can be on the most that neither is a Chinese tablet. Or, rather, tablet – Nokia N1.

MWC 2015. The Nokia N1 tablet

This is yet another "bearded" news, which all regular readers of Mr. known a long time ago. But technically it also refers to the MWC, where many journalists for the first time had a chance to look at the tablet in person.

Alas, most notably this tablet is the brand. In fact, before us is the usual "Chinese" assembled by Foxconn, albeit with a slightly modified shell. Standard style design Apple good specifications, good build quality... but nothing really unusual that would be forced to order it from China. Because in other countries it has to sell not planning.

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