Body-worn devices are not stretched long

Matthew Breck, with XDA recently posted an excellent article on the subject of what today's wearable on the body of the device by and large baubles. Thus, despite the minimal benefit it is quite expensive, and therefore people must sooner or later Wake up to the realization that such devices simply do not need in the form in which they exist now. They either need to seriously evolve, or to leave the electronics market.

Here is a free translation of his article. But the judge, thinking he is really healthy. I am posting this article because given Matthew's arguments echo my own thoughts on this subject. However, if you want to argue, then you are welcome in the comments, let's discuss this question.

Carried on the body of the device, which we now offer vendors, uncomfortable, not practical and not very efficient. Despite this they are still for sale. And this expected increase in demand for such gadgets because of Apple Watch. It is known that many gadgets are prone to return. For example, buyers tried to return almost 30% purchased Samsung Gear gadgets.

Smart watch

Now, when everyone carries in his pocket a smartphone, which is sure to have the clock and calendar, the need for ordinary hours is gone. Really, why carry on themselves or with you two, just to know the time. Why pay money for it and score gadgets pockets without the need? The younger generation mostly refused to watch in favor of different gadgets that they overlap. Vendors are now trying to offer us the idea of the watch in the latest reincarnation, but for most users they are useless.

The notification Comes, but agree that in most cases, just browse it is not enough. 99% of the notifications require from us some response. Missed call - call with hours uncomfortable. Comes SMS - the notification again requires a response from you. Notifications from social networks you want to leave a comment or like or made some action rather than simply noted that something had happened.

To Answer with hours of frankly embarrassing. You have to talk to gadget (what the audience today, many are not ready), or to try to get some response using small and uncomfortable keyboard, while not really seeing what you are typing. Most users will prefer for this task the smartphone.

Another drawback of these gadgets that the Android devices are not compatible with those that work on iOS, and Apple Watch will not be friends with Android. Here, of course, the war of vendors, but it puts us in a rigid framework.

Smart and fitness bracelets

It is Already far not one study has confirmed that fitness-braslety today, too, are toys. Seemingly intelligent, but not enough to fully trust them. The fact that they though and come with lots of sensors, firmware updated and improved, but they are still not accurate enough. The data retrieved and processed in these devices are often inaccurate and with a significant margin of error. It turned out that a smartphone can obtain more accurate data than other fitness bracelets. However, they can be useful to a small category of people who do sports regularly and trying to keep track of your achievements.

The Cost of these gadgets is different. From very cheap to quite expensive copies that may be useless.

Wristband security

A Very controversial invention of which many have probably not even heard of. For example, with the bracelet can unlock your smartphone or computer or some other device. Your wristband identifies you as the owner, for example, your unique cardiac rhythm. But is now unlocking the device takes so long and requires effort, there is no need to buy expensive device, to carry him myself to speed up these processes? Moreover, when throughout implemented other ways, e.g., using the fingerprint, which is constantly with you.

Smart glasses

Then, of course, come to mind Google Glass that has not become widespread. Do not become such because the price of the device is high, and the need to use it in real life is small, for most, is simply absent. In addition, many were alarmed about the fact that they can be too easy to abuse photo video and to violate the laws of private property and personal life. On something bigger and really useful Google Galss today was unable to.

So it turns out that all of today's wearable on the body of the device is mostly only of interest to geeks interested in technology and development of electronics. With these gadgets interesting to play, stop playing and forget. Perhaps in some cases stand out among colleagues. But the mass buyer does not need them. They do not have practical use and are expensive. They don't even become a fashion accessory that they would like to buy someone other than a very narrow circle of people.

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