Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Flagship model of Samsung in particular need no introduction, but if you also you must have stylus, no choice at all.

Galaxy Note traditionally demonstrates the best performance among his contemporaries, a great OLED screen with bright and vivid colors, and very good battery life for such filling. As for performance, after half a year competitors were able to catch up with the first representatives on the platform Tegra K1, for example, Xiaomi Mipad. Galaxy Note 4 when it broke the mark of 50K parrots:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LTE version is Samsung Exynos 5433 chip, and on it were tested.

Mipad at the time of commencement of sales of this test showed around 40K, but after the release of a new test and update the firmware, Tegra soared up to 49k with a tail and not reaching up to 50K. Interestingly, the HTML5 test is still leading Xiaomi Mipad typing 11700 points, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 a little behind:

HTML5 test I think is the most important of all specialized, so as to surf the Internet is the main problem of a phone with a large screen. For photos, videos and games the screen is too small even the Note 4, although it as much as the 5.7" and resolution is incredible 1440x2560px, I don't even understand why so many need (pixel density of about 515ppi).

Inside the device is a removable 3220 mAh battery, which is enough for everything for a day of active use of the smartphone when all are included and all used. Under normal usage, the battery lasts for a day and a half, with one side a little, and with another – is not bad for a phone with such a screen and processor.

One of the interesting pieces is a heart rate sensor on the back panel under the camera:

The Sensor works pretty accurately, so it can be used as a simple lie detector There is a sensor ultraviolet radiation, and it is convenient to use if you travel a lot you have sensitive skin in order not to be smeared with cream. Along with a built-in pedometer Galaxy Note 4 is the perfect tool for a healthy lifestyle, however, is a little cumbersome.

On the front panel in button embedded fingerprint sensor. Forced to upset you that this technology has not yet reached the required maturity in order to easily use. The thing is, when you register your fingerprint by swiping repeatedly on the sensor, it works amazingly, but in real conditions, the sensor wouldn't always know. The secret is that the phone you hold is always a little different angle, and this is still causing confusion. Also, if you just soak in the tub, the sensor is also barely recognize you. The same problem in the opposite conditions – when hands are very dry. So use a fingerprint to unlock the device, I would still not recommend, but for private mode, where you can hide from prying eyes private albums, is quite possible. However, the private mode is implemented is not very convenient, and its capabilities are very limited.

On Board the Galaxy Note 4 3GB of RAM and 32GB built-in storage that still does not prevent the original shell Samsung sometimes twitch. Also has a slot for microSD that supports cards of up to 128GB.

Another pleasant like to mention advanced built-in voice recorder. To the music of Rowland and Zooms him far away, of course, but for recording meetings or lectures are acceptable.

Well, as usual, there is a small spoon of tar. It was found that the current firmware in the Google Chrome browser you cannot turn off the sound. That is, you put the phone on silent mode, open the browser something with sound, and he is During the lecture, it will be an unpleasant surprise. Well, another defect is the inability to disable the camera sound when the phone sound, but it is the imprint of Korean law. To get rid of the annoying sound when taking pictures, read instruction.

Also On Board dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, OTG and a great camera. Samsung camera I still believe the best in mobile phones, at least the night discloses just better iPhones:

More sample photos can be viewed in the gallery:

Ruth for Samsung Galaxy Note 4, you can easily obtain common method.

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