Review of ASUS Cube, TV set with support for Google TV Box

At CES this year it was announced that the ASUS Cube has received good support Box TV Google. Formerly known as Cube is a set-top box, which is an angular design with textured finish.

When considering the Cube I wanted to answer two basic questions that I think lie at the core of GTV: "How comfortable is this device user?" and "How often the device will be in use and will at all?". With this in mind, let's dive right in consideration of a device under the name ASUS Cube.

The device Itself, as you could already understand from its name, has the shape of a cube. It is a nearly perfect square, with diagonal broken stripes and beveled tops. On the top, left and right sides there is nothing but the strip, if not to take into account the USB port is on the right.

On the front of the device houses the IR module and the power indicator. In the back you can find two HDMI ports, one entrance, second exit. So you may also find the 3.5 mm Jack, DC port, another USB port, the connector for Ethernet/LAN.

What immediately struck me in this device is its dimensions. Approximately in order to explain to you, you must submit a breadbox with a height of five inches high, wide and deep – but given how easy this device, it is possible to decide what to make it could be a lot smaller and more compact.

Now let's deal with the user interface. The control panel is a rectangular prism, where the variety of control keys, and on the other side is a quick selection of apps and shortcuts. In General, there is a tutorial video where the developers of ASUS demonstrate how to interact with their creation.

Honestly, during my first use of "cube", I just got to know what you saw. I came to the conclusion that the interface of the prism very uncomfortable, not intuitive and, as it seemed to me, at all out of place. It would be much better if ASUS made more familiar control system, which would not have re-acquainted and "to fill cones".

Also, you have to work with Android Honeycomb, because ASUS has not yet announced, will ship the upgrade to Jelly Bean, although LG has already announced that the update to the latest version of their device will definitely receive.

Of Course, the interface is "Cuba" would have been much better if it was actually something old-fashioned. Scrolling through the lens is fast enough, but quite awkward. Using the Chrome app, you can obtain a lot of inconvenience, because to control it you will offer a remote control, but more on that later.

As for the launch speed of applications in General, the process is similar to Netflix. However, in some cases, I was sick of waiting for to load what I need. In General, the impressions were not the best. I felt that I used some old device that reminded me of the cell phone.

There are quite a few things pre-installed in "the cube" Many of them are web bookmarks for a variety of applications, some of them can be really useful for you. You can discover there the gallery, music player and many other standard applications.

One thing that I liked in the office, this textured button. They are well pressed and very well-designed sensor returns. Also on the panel, you can find a special button Netflix, and a host of other keys. By the way, I forgot to mention that the buttons voice search and pointer located on the side console.

They are located so that you always have access to them in the circumference of the panel. In General, developers "Cuba" is far from the ergonomics, which is the Apple. I think I need to wait another couple of years until the company can grow to an Apple TV, for the creation of such a product is not as easy as it may seem.

If you remember, in the beginning of my review, I raised two questions. So, as you can see, the answers are rather negative than positive. It is immediately evident that the company wanted to quickly bring to market product that could or at least tried to compete with Apple TV, but, alas, to do failed.

But if you're interested in buying this useless device, the cost ASUS Cube ranges from 140 to 150 dollars.