The legacy of Tim Berners-Lee: Internet in facts and figures

Few people know that November 12th is a special day. On this day in 1989, Tim Berners-Lee was founded on the idea of creating one of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind - the world wide web.

Revision Droider believes the old man Tim almost Holy, and on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of his incredible ideas, publishes an interesting selection of stunning numbers and interesting facts about the Internet.

The world's First website

The world's First web site was posted by Berners-Lee on August 6, 1991 on the web server available at the address The resource defined the notion of the world wide web, contains instructions for installing the web server, browser usage, etc. of the Website became the world's first Internet directory, as later Berners-Lee have provided a list of links to other sites.

Internet Audience

By the end of 2014 global audience of Internet users will reach the third part of the population of the planet. The high level of attendance by young people Internet sites - 75% - is Europe. The large audience of Internet users live in Asia-Pacific region. According to the Fund ' Public Opinion', the audience of Internet users in Russia has 68,7 million people, of which 56.3 million go online every day.

The Number of network-connected devices

In the near future the number of devices connected to the Internet, will increase by 10 times. Today from 1.5 trillion different items to the world wide web connected only $ 10 billion (in 2000 this figure was 200 million). It is expected that by 2022 to the network will connect 50 billion of physical objects.


By 2022 global network will help to increase the total global corporate revenue by 21%. In the next 10 years, the potential benefits of the Internet to the private sector will amount to 14.4 trillion dollars, according to Cisco, which has conducted research on the analysis of 27 industries. 27% of the total income will be in manufacturing, 11% retail, 9% “depart” information services, and a further 9% of the financial sector and the insurance business.

The Number of domain names

In all 18 General top level domains at 30 September 2013 was registered 150 173 219 domain names. It's such areas,.biz,.coop,.cat,.som,,,.mil,.mobi,.museum,,,.travel,.xxx. A leader with a giant gap, which accounts for slightly more than 113 million domain names. The second most popular is the - 15.5 million registered domains. By the end of 2013, in the zone.EN was registered less than 5 million domain names.

Social networks

According to analysts, on the Internet activity in the Russian social networks users on average spend at 121 minutes a day. And the older users, so they are more detailed: for example, 12-24-year-old spend online in an average of 115 minutes per day, 24-34 years - 117 minutes, and users from 35 to 54 years - 130 minutes per day.

According to the analysis given KPCB, every day users upload 1.8 billion images in Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Snapchat and WhatsApp. Every second of 8 people on the planet become a part of any of the existing social networks. Surprisingly, the number of followers Ashton Kutcher and Britney Spears comparable in size to the population of Ireland, Norway, or Panama. More than 90% of people born in the new century, have accounts in various social networks.