Customization Android smartphone. Part one. First steps

Here is the first material from a series of articles on the customization of Android devices. We will talk about features of Android like widgets and live Wallpapers, consider the process of replacing the lock screen and analyze in detail several different types of modern keyboards.

Part one. First steps:

  1. Preface
  2. Ringtone
  3. Wallpaper
  4. Widgets
  5. lock Screen
  6. Keyboards
  7. Instead of an afterword


A Bit of history

A dozen years ago to change something in his phone was almost impossible. To replace one program to another it was as unreal as to replace the processor or the camera module. In any review of any phone focused on not its technical characteristics and features. Is there a phone program for notes? What is the capacity of the address book? How interesting the game is installed by the manufacturer?

Over time, users now have the ability to download to your phone simple application. Although at first it was quite difficult. First working version of the right apps for your phone model had yet to be found. Secondly, it was required to connect your phone to the computer using a special cable, which is not always walked in the kit. And then using a separate program to install the selected application. About changing some system functions, and does not speak. Sometimes it was impossible even to set a ringing tone as the call.

Then there were Windows Mobile communicators, and the first phone with a custom firmware, and devices that support Wi-Fi, with which you can easily download and install apps without using a computer. But really popular among ordinary users customize their device did not become. Too complicated and not clear. Too takes a lot of time and effort. Too few really great apps and too many pitfalls. Easier to put up with the shortcomings of your phone, and after a year or two just to replace it with a new device.

The Apple iPhone was the first smartphone, which demonstrated clearly the benefits of an intuitive interface and a unified app store with ratings, reviews and easy classification of programs. People who until recently was considered that the installation of applications on the phone - destiny rare "geeks" and bored students, plunged in the Apple App Store and could not get out of there literally for hours. Since then, its own app store - the same familiar part of any mobile OS, like the dialer or phone book.

Android has taken another step forward by becoming the first operating system where the user could equally easily be replaced as any preset program or game, and almost any system component. Simple, fast, convenient, without a long search and lots of potential problems. It is the flexibility and configurability of Android and to this day is one of the main advantages of this OS.

About the benefits of customization

Why customization is so important? It's very simple. All people are different, and as if smartphone manufacturers tried to please everyone, to do this obviously will not work.

A Solid businessman Bob did not need the smartphone game "Crocodile Swamp", without which the fifth-grader Mary can't live a day. But it needs a powerful e-mail client and functional phone book with many additional fields that the pensioner Lyudmila Petrovna will only confuse. Ivan Ivanovich is secretly a big fan of anime, and he just needed support video player multiple audio tracks and popular subtitle formats. But the camera he used is not able, and the presence of extra buttons and switches its just completely confuses. Although his colleague novel, by contrast, worries that its smartphone there is no possibility to manually set the level of sensitivity, making pictures on a cloudy day turn out worse than it could be.

Of Course, all manufacturers are trying to find a more or less optimal version of the software that will allow you to comfortably use your smartphone immediately after purchase. But they always give customers the opportunity to download needed games and apps from the Google Play store. Whether it's the latest version of the game Angry Birds, full featured text editor, a beautiful live Wallpaper or keyboard supports Swype.

This seems to be an almost perfect solution. Those features built-in apps missing, use them. Other download from Google Play more advanced options. The result is happy with them. But for many people here a long time there was a kind of psychological barrier. Download to your smartphone a new game client for social network or convenient player they could without any problems, but in exactly the same way to replace the standard address book or the keyboard is not. From their point of view it was completely wrong and even a little ashamed. Although the logic in this division application for "permissible" and "impermissible" no, for many buyers, it was like a recognition of what they bought is not the best device that will now be forced to make the file yourself.

However, the time to set everything in its place. Soon in Google Play there are a lot of great alternative programs from professional software developers, which are liked by the users. Some of them even got into the Guinness Book of records. Many manufacturers of Android smartphones with pleasure took over they have interesting finds, and sometimes included such application in its original shell.

Not so long ago, the ability to change the default keyboard for some alternative solution appeared even in the conservative iOS. And now even the most ardent opponents of Android don't have the heart to call it a simple action a lot of "geeks" or "obsessed with engineering students". Developers of some operating systems still trying to make a good face on a bad game, claiming that their users this is not necessary. But, really, do they have nowhere. Now this is a peculiar standard, which will have to follow. And to use these opportunities or not, each user decide for himself.



Over time, even the most successful preinstalled ringtone manages pretty bored. You can change it to a different melody from the same preset, but in fact, it is the replacement sewed on soap. Moreover, all the options there are usually quite similar. Therefore, many people prefer to set up the music you like them personally.

However, it's not only drawn to the beautiful or the desire to stand out from the crowd. It is also a question of convenience. You may have noticed that when in a public place a person's phone rings, adjacent owners of vehicles of the same brand is also involuntarily reach for their smartphones. No wonder there is not - in most cases, the same melody for many years used by the manufacturer of several lines of its smartphones. For the same reason you miss a call, considering that rang apparatus neighbor. Use more or less unique melodies completely eliminates all these problems.

Add ringtones to call

The easiest way to set up your own melody using the audio player. All that is need is to start the desired track in the player and select "Set as ringtone" from the pop-up menu.

But through the settings menu of the phone to do this may not always, in some shells in the list will contain only tunes from the standard set.

Possible problems

In older versions of Android was a nasty "bug", because of which so appointed melody "flew" after reboot of smartphone. The problem was solved easily in the root of the memory card it was necessary to create the Media folder inside the Audio folder and sub folders Alarms (alarm calls), Notifications (SMS, email etc), Ringtones (ringtones), Ui (interface sounds). After that, it was enough just to move the selected melody in the right folder, reboot your phone and select the ringtone in the settings of the smartphone. As far as I know, starting with Android 4.0, this problem is no more. Anyway, I haven't encountered it for several years. In the same way you can set a ringing the doorbell, alarm clock or SMS even in the case of kogda shell of the smartphone is not possible to do it through the settings menu.



The easiest way to quickly change the appearance of the interface of a smartphone is to change the Wallpaper on your desktop. Beautiful Wallpaper can bring a sense of novelty, even in old and already a long boring smartphone. On this subject one of the readers Android.MR was even written a whole article.

[Contest] Change themes on your Android smartphone as a necessary requirement

In addition, there is a practical aspect in many smartphones set to display, made by technology AMOLED. One of the features of this technology lies in the fact that displaying dark colors screen spends much less energy than the display light. Correctly picking up the theme of the desktop, can significantly increase the operating time of your device.

Static Wallpaper

This is the easiest type of Wallpaper that is present in most operating systems. However, in Android, even the Wallpaper is not as simple as they seem at first glance. The size of the background image a little more than fits on the screen. And while paging desks it's a little scrolls horizontally. Some manufacturers such effect does not like, and they take it from their corporate shells. But in most cases the Wallpaper on Android smartphones behave this way.

As background images you can use any photo or image. Its final resolution can be calculated by the formula "screen height" * "2x the width of the screen. However, specially to fit the image at the desired resolution is not necessarily - if a picture is more than you need, you will be able to choose what part of it will go to the Wallpaper.

The Compilation of Wallpaper on the Internet dedicated to many different sites. In recent years, there is even a special collection of Wallpapers for phones. For example, the excellent selection of background images from time to time puts A.L. my. Some editions devoted to a specific topic, others are a grab-bag of good pictures.

Robotboy”, a reference to all editions

Application "Wallpapers HD"

Any, even the most successful compilation will not fit all. As you know, the taste and color markers are different. But for a long time to find suitable Wallpapers on the Internet too, will not all. Too many have to perform unnecessary actions - first, find the Wallpaper on your computer (after using the small screen of a smartphone is not not always convenient), then download to your smartphone, set to the desktop and then judge how they look on the screen.

With the help of a special software to select a Wallpaper, the process is much easier. Finding them will not make anyone work - enough to drive a search string in the Google Play store the word "Wallpaper" and download the first favourite option. Fortunately, the opportunities they have all almost the same. As an example I will give the app Wallpapers HD, which is already more than 40 000 000 users worldwide.

All the background images are divided into categories and have their own popularity. The most successful of them are displayed in a separate tab. In addition, each picture attached several thematic tags, which can quickly find the image. Want to find a good forest landscape, a picture of big Ben or the image of a kitten? There is nothing easier.

Favourite Wallpapers can be added to a favorites list, to download to your smartphone or immediately to set as Wallpaper. In the latter case, you can choose one of several types of scrolling. Or does it disable.

In my opinion, the application turned out to be quite pleasant, and the selection of pictures in it good. Although nothing original in it, and if you prefer to use any other similar, you have nothing to lose.

Live Wallpapers

Live Wallpaper - one of the "chips" Android, which first appeared in Android 2.1. The most simple live Wallpaper are usual animated picture. More complex options are full-fledged applications that have a lot of options and are able to respond to user actions.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that Google Play badly clogged low-quality "crafts", most of which are full of ads or requests to install some third-party applications. However, among the live Wallpaper there are true masterpieces. Some of them are made in the spirit of minimalism, others are full-fledged virtual world. What exactly is more appropriate will look on your desktop, everyone decide for himself. To tell about all the interesting options in this article I will not. Too many of them, and to illustrate the animation with screenshots is very problematic. To give just one interesting example.

My Log Home iLWP

My Log Home iLWP is one of the examples of complex live Wallpaper with lots of different settings. In fact, these Wallpapers are a three-dimensional model of a cozy home in the mountains. The swipe your finger across the screen allows you to "bypass" all of his room, moving the camera from one place to another.

a Large part of the interactive environment. You can move the chair, open the drawer, turn the lamp on or off the TV. All watch really tells the time, and the corners of the room gradually overgrown with cobwebs, which sometimes have to be removed.

But the most interesting feature of My Log Home - displays the real-world weather and time of day. If in the real world it is raining, you will see him and the window painted the house.

In the paid version of the program available detailed configuration of the virtual house. To hang on the walls of your photos or paintings, clean room extra things, to customize the display of the weather outside the window.

These Wallpapers are in order to see them. After all, this is the rare case when an interesting idea receives high-quality implementation. Developers are not just painted a beautiful Wallpaper, they practically created a separate world. And let this world is limited only by the house and the mountain scenery outside the window, but there are carefully worked out every detail. Perhaps that is why he was so cosy. Fire burning in the fireplace, slowly counting down the minutes wall clock, an easel with a certain not-drawn scenery of the mountains, swirling in the light of the table lamp dust... Well, it might look like a hotel "dead mountaineer". And the constant feeling of someone's presence only adds to the similarities. Then accidentally move away from the Desk chair, someone will open a window, as if by itself turn on the TV. Of course, really, it's all just the result of accidental screen taps, but it looks fun anyway.



For a Long time widgets were a distinctive feature of Android. During the existence of this operating system were created thousands of different widgets in all colors and sizes. Most of them are able to work on any firmware or original shell, but there are some that are set to "not native" smartphones cannot.

Strangely enough, in the "pure" Android interesting widgets has always been very small. But the developers of corporate shells, in contrast, are usually paid a lot of attention to them. Sometimes these widgets even became a business card of a company. It is worth remembering at least the weather widget from HTC earlier versions of HTC Sense, which, without exaggeration, has gained worldwide fame.

It seems to Me that developers of other popular operating systems the idea of widgets liking. Here are just just go and copy it they were not fans of both operating systems immediately began to shout about the blind copying of ideas competitor. And this, at least, bad advertising. And even litigation with "patent trolls", in the bins which will be patent even to the "Black square". So the idea of widgets reached these operating systems in a slightly different (and often considerably less convenient). For example, in Windows Phone similar widgets are "live tiles", and in recent versions of iOS widgets used in the notification bar.

About the types of widgets

In fact, a widget is a small program that displays right on your desktop. Their main advantage is that they allow you to get the necessary information instantly, just after casting a single glance at the Desk. Often they can quickly take advantage of some function or change the settings without starting with the app itself.

Widgets can be of different sizes, from tiny 1x1 up to full screen 5x4. Often one widget has several versions, and the user can choose the most convenient option. In addition, the latest version of Android allow you to arbitrarily change the size of widgets, although in practice take advantage of this feature could not often.

It is Worth noting that a separate application widgets are not always. Often they are in addition to any program. For example, with smartphone RSS client, you will receive a widget that displays on your desktop the latest news. And downloading new music player, you will probably find on your phone a new widget that allows you to quickly switch between tracks and set the playback to pause.

To Talk about all types of widgets no easier than to describe all kinds of Android programs. As an example I will cite one of the sets of weather widgets. In fact, types of widgets much more: switches, calendars, photo frames, charge indicators, or balance, icons quick access to contacts, open chat widgets for quick notes and much more. Good, this issue deserves a separate review. But even in this case to tell you about a tenth of all existing widgets physically will not work.

HD Widgets

Usually the weather widget is the first thing the user sees after he unlocked smartphone. Of course I want this widget was beautiful. Oh, and the weather more or less accurately reflected. Before going to work can be very useful to know what is going to rain and better grab an umbrella. Also it is very important that the widget came to the color of the Wallpaper. White widget on a light background will be completely unreadable. And bright yellow numbers on black background Wallpaper, on the contrary, will be very cutting eyes. As well as Wallpaper people love from time to time to change, the best widget that supports different skins.

Set weather widgets, HD Widgets meets all these requirements. In fact, we have before us a real designer, which in a couple of clicks you can collect the widget, which most will fit well on your desktop. Moreover, unlike many other weather widgets, HD Widgets displays not only the current time and weather forecast. In addition, you can add special icons-switches, which allow you to quickly enable or disable Wi-Fi, put the smartphone on silent mode, turn on the flashlight or to adjust the brightness of the screen. Just a choice of more than 50 options.

Don't want to mess with the settings? Then just select one of the ready-made options. Or use the button generator "widgets", which will bring together existing parts random widget.

If you touch the widget, the window with the weather forecast appears on the screen. Here you can view the detailed weather forecast for several cities at the same time comparing the predictions of several well-known meteorological companies.

In the end it is impossible not to acknowledge the support of the tablets and the ability to install widgets on the lock screen (supports Android 4.2 and above).

Screen lock


An Alternate lock screens - one of the most popular system components presented in Google Play. In principle, nothing surprising there. On the lock screen, we necessarily look very often tens or even hundreds of times per day, taking in hands locked smartphone. But for some only to themselves known reason, many manufacturers of Android devices is absolutely not pay the lock screen neglected.

First of all, we are talking about the aesthetic side of things. Many people want the lock screen was not only beautiful, but also original, "not like everyone else." Or at least approached the theme they have chosen for your desktop, smartphone. Alas, the standard lock screen is not always possible just to change the Wallpaper, that really says something more.

No less important aspect is the usability and the ability to fine-tune such a screen. For example, it is desirable that the icons for all major applications were present on the lock screen. This avoids unnecessary clicks and each time you unlock the screen saves a few precious seconds. Unfortunately, to choose icons for quick access to your taste still can not on all smartphones.

Another example - notification of new emails, SMS or missed call. In many corporate shells notification of the received message or a new message from a third-party instant messenger on the lock screen simply does not appear. Of course, the icon new message will be visible in the notification bar, only to discover it full screen on the lock screen is often impossible. As a result, you only see the icon new message, but you can understand from whom it came, you can't until then until you unlock the phone. And such contentious issues in the standard lock screens can be a lot.

Go Locker 3.0

This is perhaps the most famous lock screen around Google Play. And with each new update it gets better and better. It can list almost indefinitely: excellent implementation of a notification (you can choose which notifications should be output on the screen), quick access to the necessary applications and start the camera, a special "smart" screen, which shows those applications that need at the moment (for example, as soon as you plug in your earphones, there will appear an icon of your favorite player and much more.

But most importantly, a huge number of amazing themes for every taste and color. Literally in two clicks you can get the lock screen, which is similar to a standard not more than VAZ-2107 on the starship enterprise.

The Main disadvantage Go Locker 3.0 that for a beginner it may be too much. To deal with them will want not for everyone, many people simply want a simple and beautiful lock screen with minimum settings.

Locker Master

For these users, and was created a lock screen Locker Master. It supports everything you need for lock screen options, and also has several interesting features. Maybe theme it is not as diverse as we Go Locker, but to choose the design according to the mood you will still be able without much difficulty. Don't believe? Watch the official video below.

All subjects performed very efficiently. Most of them are beautifully animated and has different interactive elements. The animation is often not evident. For example, floating above the lake of mist and light ripples running through water, can from the first time and not notice. But they painted the landscape looks truly alive. However, for lovers of bright special effects suitable topics will be even more. From spaceships to standing at a wall of guitars, which flashes a bright flame during unlock.

Horizontal swipe your finger from the left edge of the screen opens a menu with icons for quick access. A similar swipe your finger from the right edge of the menu with the list of key actions. It was a place the flashlight, music player (if on the phone, you can choose any), the weather, the scanner QR codes, icons-switches, etc.

If desired, the user can customize the display of notifications right on the lock screen. As in Go Locker, it is possible to specify which apps notifications to display, and which do not.

In the end we can say that Locker Master - a compromise between the number of features, beauty and convenience settings. Most users will be able to use it right out of the box, learning new functions as required. Those who know exactly what they want to gain, will be able to quickly and easily configure the application.

Sparky Lock Screen

Even If Locker Master seems too complicated, you should look at Sparky Lock Screen. In a minimum number of additional functions, complex settings and unusual "features". And from the point of view of the opportunities he definitely loses Go Locker 3.0 and Locker Master. But the process of set up is simple so that it can handle even a child, Yes, and dozens of preset themes to many users than enough.

Before activating the selected theme will show all the active elements. What to draw to unlock the screen where you click to open the camera, etc. Given that unlocking the screen each theme is in its own way, this precaution is not superfluous.

Settings for each of the topics will vary slightly. Usually this block basic functions (such as time setting, mute and lock buttons "Home") and a couple of additional options, which may require a change of Wallpaper, custom icons for quick access or something else. But in General, the ability to customize selected theme "by itself" virtually none.

An Interesting "trick" Sparky Lock Screen - function "which are Unlock". It will allow any user feel like a real Jedi and unlock the phone, just by running your hand over the screen. From a practical point of view, this feature is not too necessary, but looks impressive and will clearly be popular not only among fans of "Star Wars". However, the consumption of the battery when its use may increase.

Unfortunately, in the pursuit of ease of use developers a little too far. For example, in the application there is no possibility to install any password, as digital pins and pattern. In addition, to access most of the topics you will need to purchase the paid version, the cost of which is now almost 120 rubles. For mobile applications, a very substantial sum, which not everyone will be willing to pay. Well at least that cat in the bag are not forced to buy is to test a paid theme even in the free version.

For my taste, Sparky Lock Screen is the least interesting lock screen of the three. Although its simplicity, many liking.



My Favorite keyboard is the first program I install on a new smartphone. The reason is simple - for many years now as voice calls ceased to be for me the main means of communication. The main focus I have it on the text. A couple of kinds of messengers, work and personal e-mail, Twitter, SMS. Often to respond to chat or emails you have on the go, and the amount of text can be quite large. And any misprints or, worse, incorrect AutoCorrect words it is totally out of place.

Many people believe that any virtual keyboard is a kind of crutch that never beats the convenience of a physical keyboard. Actually, it is not so. In many cases, the speed and accuracy of typing on the onscreen keyboard of the smartphone will be even higher than on a small qwerty keypad slider or on a standard telephone keypad T9. The main thing - to choose the keyboard and the system input, which is most convenient for you personally.

About the types of keyboards

In our time as any manufacturer of mobile devices, and any developer of mobile applications are closely watching the success of its competitors. And is one interesting "feature", as it was immediately adopt all the rest.

When you look at the list of features most popular keyboards may seem, they are all about the same. Almost any of them there is a standard gentleman set: support for custom dictionary, the possibility of predictive mode unseparated print, setting the size of the keys and skins support. Is it really that important who first implemented this or that idea, now if it is already present everywhere?

In practice to copy the successful discovery of the competitor is not as easy as it seems. No wonder they say that the devil is in the details. At first glance, everything seems to be working well, but not so convenient to use. And not always even possible clearly explain why. Therefore, each keyboard has its own strengths, which is the main focus, and all other functions are rather pleasant and moderately useful bonus.

To Tell you about all the interesting keyboards in this article is impossible, so I will cite just a few examples.

Smart Keyboard

Compared To other modern keyboard Smart Keyboard is a real stranger from the past. Here you will not find support swipe or mode of study by correspondence. Text is entered exclusively the old fashioned way, using single keystrokes. But the wealth of settings and options of the layout of this keyboard is still able to surprise.

Let's Start with the fact that Smart Keyboard is one of the few keyboards that support four-line Russian layout. And this is a very significant advantage. You probably noticed that usually the keys of any keyboard English layout is slightly larger than in Russian. This is due to the different number of letters in the alphabet and, accordingly, different number of keys. Like, the difference in size is not so big, but at the convenience of printing all the same effect. Especially for phones with small screen sizes. Four-line layout allows you to fully offset this weakness.

The Second nice feature keyboard support classic pickup T9. And its slightly improved version, where each key is located two letters instead of three. It's amazing, a smartphone with a physical numeric keypad I have not had for many years, and typing on this keyboard I'm still very fast. The fingers themselves remember where to press, and, theoretically, I can even dial a short SMS-ku, generally without taking the phone out of his pocket.

Another interesting finding is the abbreviation dictionary. Once is enough to make the dictionary you use abbreviations and keyboard will always replace them with the full version. For example, "MB" can be replaced by "may be", "inst" "Institute," and "XS" to "not know."

But the most important a large number of different options for fine-tuning of the keyboard. Very often happens that the keyboard is annoying or that little thing you cannot change. For example, why do I need a button ".com"that carefully appears on any Android keyboard when entering site address? It really takes up valuable space on the screen, because in 90% of cases the required site is located in the ru zone. Smart Keyboard, unlike many of its competitors, you can assign this button any domain.

The Second example moves the cursor. The most unpleasant moment for me - a typo in the middle of the entered word. Usually we are talking about some kind of slang terms, title, or name, which in the dictionary keyboard no. And hope for fixes useless. In this situation, I find it easier to rewrite the whole word, as long as poking a finger at the screen, trying to get to the desired letter. But with Smart Keyboard there are no problems. In addition to the standard arrow cursor, which occupy too a lot of space on the smartphone screen, this keyboard allows you to control the cursor using the volume rocker.

Such interesting "chips" Smart Keyboard, car and small truck. Individual calibration of the keyboard (though only in English layout), a special full-screen mode for a smartphone with a small screen size, adjusting transparency, edit the duration of pressing and size of the keys, gestures, choice of additional buttons, the editor of smiles and a whole lot of everything. It is a pity that half of the descriptions of these functions is not translated into English.

Alas, despite all the advantages of this keyboard, I quickly had to abandon it. While printing, I always allow a lot of typos, which sometimes added and grammatical errors. And with this cocktail Smart Keyboard just cannot cope, it has required a more modern options. I hope you print more carefully.


This keyboard is one of the most popular and can compete even with the world-famous Swype. The main features of the keyboard are a unique system of learning and modes of error correction, predictive text and predict words.

There are two types of prompts, depending on your style text input: Accuracy and Speed. The first type of hints for those who enters the text carefully and rarely misses" on the right keys. In this mode, SwiftKey will try to predict the right word, showing three options in line prompts. One click on the desired tip, and the word entered. This allows to significantly reduce the number of clicks.

As an example I will try right now to start writing a letter to a friend from your smartphone. I just type the first two letters "PR", and SwiftKey offers to enter the word "Hello". As soon as I click on this option immediately, you are prompted with the following word, "as", after selecting "your" and "case". It remains only to put a question mark, and at this time, SwiftKey ready the following options. The first option is the word "What" followed by a "u" -> "you" > "new". The second option is "Y"followed by "me" -> all> "good". I really often use these phrases in emails and SMS and program memory. As you can see, in this example, I can write two sentences by typing only the first two letters and a question mark. The idea is quite interesting. And if not bring it to the absurd, it really is often useful.

The Second option, "Speed", for those prints quickly, often misses the desired letter and allows a large number of typos. In this mode, SwiftKey will focus specifically on fixing typos, not predictive input. For example, will not produce a "hint" with the possible ending of the word, until you expand it almost entirely, but it is easy to "read" and will correct word even with a few typos. I use this mode. Compared with the standard Android keyboard, my speed has increased significantly, but the number of typos, by contrast, is practically reduced to zero.

About a year ago SwiftKey introduced support letters stroke, called Flow. Working this way of printing quite well, but the opportunities Swype still inferior. Basically I type in a standard way, but some simple words sometimes enter the swipe your finger. In my opinion, if the set of complex texts such "hybrid" method of printing is the most convenient.

Other features of the keyboard not to mention the possibility of "on the fly" to change its size, position, and type. It is enough to just two or three clicks. For example, you can switch to a compact version of the keyboard, placing it near the edge of the screen. First of all, this opportunity owners will appreciate tabletop with a large screen. Placing the keyboard in the right corner, you will work with a smartphone in one hand without having to reach for the opposite side of the screen. Owners of tablets more like a variant of "thumbs", in which all the keys are on the sides, and the center of the screen remains blank. In addition, you can even "unlock" the keyboard from the bottom of the screen, moving it to where you want. This is a very interesting feature that is absent in many competitors. Finally, you can just quickly change the size of the keys.

In General, different settings, this keyboard enough. First of all, it is working with the cloud, which stores all the custom dictionary, select the theme and setting of the correction of words, as well as many other useful options. From funny moments can be noted statistics that shows your printing efficiency, the length of the line drawn, when the stroke amount of typos and even unique card printing, demonstrating the accuracy of the taps on the virtual keys.


A Couple of paragraphs above I have already thought about the T9 mode. At one time it was a real hit, this input method, at least vaguely heard literally every owner of any mobile phone. Just in case, let me remind you that we are talking about a special set of words adapted to the block of nine numeric keys. It is based on the prediction and selection of words in the dictionary that would save the user from having to repeatedly click on the same button, selecting the desired letter or symbol. Thanks T9 owners push-button phones were able to comfortably communicate in chat rooms, to the fullest to use different messengers and dial the phone with the keyboard more or less long letters. This input method was used by most manufacturers of smartphones and was so widespread that very quickly became a household name. And still many people call "T9" any system of predicative input or correct words. The author T9 is cliff Kushler.

Many years later, when a phone with a physical keypad gradually began to give way to a touch-screen devices, but this man has made another revolution, presenting to the world the Swype keyboard. This keyboard was first implemented method unseparated type, in which the user can type fast strokes, taking his finger only between words. Method of cliff Caller allowed any user to easily start printing at speeds of more than 30-40 words per minute. In 2010, thus even was set the Guinness record for the fastest typing on a touchscreen phone. Then the phrase "The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human" was published just 35,54 seconds.

Not surprisingly, this I have done not less noise than the time T9. For a few months method unseparated input words became a kind of standard and appeared in most of the existing keyboards. However, outperform the original by anyone yet failed.

What is the secret of Swype? First of all, in recognition accuracy. Although, as mentioned above, a similar printing method now is almost any existing Android keyboard, usually with it's comfortable to type except that a short SMS. When it comes to more complex text, which contains a variety of terms, names smartphones or just not too frequently used words, then swipe your finger usually gives too many misfires. The most annoying thing is that all of the unrecognized word he just "swallow"that when you can not see. As a result, the text have to constantly re-read, looking for errors and missing words that negates all the advantages in speed dial. Theoretically, this problem can be solved by using a large custom dictionary, but in practice most users get tired of this input method is much faster than it starts to pay off.

Purely subjective, Swype Keyboard - only at the moment the keyboard, where you swipe your finger really allows you to increase the speed of printing of complex texts, and not just is fashion "feature" for a set of SMS. Deep down I'm still surprised every time when some careless strokes on the screen appears the same sentence I wanted to write, and not just a random collection of words.

Not the last role was played by mode of study by correspondence, the analogue of which we have already seen in the Swift keyboard Key. For a couple of minutes, the keypad will analyze your chat in Gmail, Twitter and Facebook, and buried in the dictionary often you used the word. Subjectively, the system of training is not as great as in Swift Key benefits it is visible to the naked eye. After analyzing my Gmail keyboard learned without errors to recognize sentences like "Meizu and Xiaomi - premium Chinese."

Add to dictionary new words or delete existing easily at any time. If desired, you can even enable autocomplete dictionary, in which all new words will be added automatically. And if you spend a couple of minutes to register in the program, you will be able to save the custom dictionary even after you switch to a new device. And it's not just about the local backup, but a full-fledged cloud - to work with the dictionary simultaneously with multiple devices.

Some special wealth settings Swype not amazing. However, all the major options in them. Including support for themes, configuring response time and duration of the vibration, the choice of key size, as well as some others. One of the interesting points I would like to note the function "smart" AutoProbe (after writing one word, you can immediately proceed to the next, a space will be inserted automatically) and intelligent editor that emphasizes presumably incorrect words. Don't know exactly how it works, but a couple of times it made me definitely helped me. The fact that he not only underlines words with typos (which when you set the swipe your finger because it is practically impossible to enter), but erroneously recognized words. Anyway, a couple of times he successfully asked me to replace the preposition "on" to "no". It is a pity that it happens not too often.

Instead of an afterword

In this first edition of "Customization" has come to an end. In this article, we had to consider only the most simple ways of customization without affecting many interesting solutions and alternative components. Customization is almost limitless, but the volume of the article - unfortunately, no. However, no hurt to catch up in the next release. Stay tuned!



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