The first conference on innovative technologies augmented reality AR Conference will be held in Moscow at the end of this year

November 14, 2014 residents and guests of the capital can get acquainted with modern technologies of augmented reality (Augmented Reality abbr. AR), its trends, prospects of development and applications.

This event as AR Conference on open spaces of Eastern Europe, many are waiting for a long time, because almost in every business there is a possibility to use AR technology. Such innovations provide an opportunity to improve the effectiveness of brand promotion and sales, reduce advertising costs, increase engagement, loyalty and number of customers. AR technology is already widely used in science, education, medicine and many other fields.

The Main goal of AR – to introduce visitors with new possibilities of using AR technology both in everyday life and in marketing, PR, entertainment, innovational, scientific and even secret projects. These technologies allow us to move to a new level of interaction with the digital world and completely immersed in it, without abandoning their familiar surroundings.

The conference will:

• discuss the trends and key aspects of AR application in different spheres of business and science;

• presented best advertising, gaming and entertainment cases with the use of these technologies and an overview of wearable AR-gadgets;

• demonstrated the best AR-application Startup-projects and many more, about what may You do not even know.


• top managers, representatives of marketing and PR divisions of advertising and media agencies, investment and financial companies, and various foundations, corporations, technological parks;

• investors and business-angels;

• representatives of the state of the segment.

AR Conference will be held in the format of reports and presentations from key industry experts AR. Classical conference will turn into an exciting test-drive innovative wearable gadgets and advanced technology.

Thanks to the leader of the international exhibition business of the company SmileExpo, all guests AR Conference will have a unique chance to live to see the AR technology, to communicate with experts and market leaders, to make useful business connections, find new solutions for their business and investment, and, perhaps, promising to conclude a contract for several million.

The Conference will be held in an unusual format: in addition to traditional papers and presentations, the event will become a kind of test drive gadgets, designed with augmented reality technologies.

The conference will include speakers with unique presentations AR:

• Ivan Yunitsky, Executive Director at GiveAR, who will talk about the use of AR technology in advertising;

• Eugenia Soboleva, PR Director of PlayDisplay who will speak on the topic "MagicmARketing: how to create value and motivation for consumer. Practical tips for monsters and start-UPS";

• Leonid Bugaev, creative Director at NordicAgency AB, as an expert in marketing communications, will review high-tech AR solutions in B2B and B2C segments;

• Valeria Kholodkova, EligoVison, will talk about the use of augmented reality in "serious games";

• Sergey Solyanik, CEO of SpiderGroup, will make a presentation about AR technology in marketing and sales;

• semen Yakushev, Goodwin, will present an overview of the status of the international market and examples of using AR in different business areas;

• Anton Chupin, marketing Director at PWRG, will talk about the use of AR in the exhibition activities of the company.

All guests of the event will see how to combine the real and virtual worlds, integration of digital information in the form of text, images, video, sound, objects and phenomena of our everyday life.

AR Conference is the opportunity to travel to a new level of knowledge and capabilities, which interact with the digital world and modern technology. You will see the innovative AR-inventions and developments that are already widely used in business and even in everyday life.

Do Not miss such an important high – tech event of this autumn- AR Conference, which will take place ONE day only, November 14 at the Moscow Artplay design center.

Detailed information about AR Conference on the event website