In iFixit rated the maintainability Alpha Galaxy from Samsung

Specialists iFixit continue to analyze all sorts of mobile devices and assess their maintainability. Recently they got a new smartphone from Samsung – the Galaxy Alpha.

In the process of dismantling experts faced some problems. To access most components had to remove the screen. Considering its thickness is only 1.4 mm. – to make it quite difficult. To iFixit noted that the display is the most fragile component in the Galaxy Alpha.

Also, experts have found little protection from moisture. Despite the fact that the manufacturer did not declare the protection of the device from moisture, the audio Jack has a small rubber gasket.

In the end, the gadget has got a 5 out of 10 points on a scale of maintainability iFixit. Experts noted the ease of replacement of individual modules and battery. However, the main drawback of this design is the necessity of dismantling the screen that everything else is also fixed with the use of a large amount of glue.

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