News digest No. 22. About different

The joke of Apple's upcoming announcements, the tightening policies of Google, hype and other news this week.

About watches

Manufacturers of mobile devices are clearly satisfied with the announcements of Apple. A year most of them struggled trying to predict the actions of Apple and requested to produce analogues of the future "Apple" devices. Only one epic with "smart" watch is worth. A whole segment of the market was created from scratch just because the company was afraid to give it to Apple.

I'm Sure many manufacturers until the last moment expect Apple's treacherous stab in the back. The announcement of some kind of unimaginable attractive "chips", which once again turned everything on its head, forcing all the others to be back to catch up. But Apple did not demonstrate anything. And "smart" watches, and the new phablet iPhone 6 Plus, and third-party keyboards, and even the system of contactless payments have long had their Android counterparts. Of course, this does not make Apple products worse. But the role truly revolutionary solutions they do not claim and close.

This situation is completely satisfied with the majority of mobile manufacturers. Instead, once again, in a hurry to change all their plans, they can develop their range of already planned way, gradually increasing his advantage. Apple is hardly the first time secretly took other people's rules. And many companies did not miss the chance to demonstrate that their field, the company from Cupertino is not the outright favorite.

Take a Pebble. More recently, it was just one of the millions of little-known startups, and now controls a substantial portion of the market "smart" hours and is not afraid to openly Troll the Apple.

For example, the main page of the site now looks as follows:

The inscription under the image reads, "Breathe, johnny. It's just a watch". It is easy to assume that the message is addressed to Jonathan Quince, who have tried to present the upcoming Apple iWatch as a revolutionary and completely unique electronic device.

Nowadays, any dog can afford a loud bark at the elephant. Here are all of the fact that just a dog Pebble and not looks. Despite its modest design and apparent simplicity, the Pebble Watch is that the answer to the competition in the face of Google and Apple.

"Why, we specify the period of our hours in the day? Because I can afford it".

"We never set out to create the most pretentious watch. Our goal is to make real watches for real people who don't lose touch with reality."

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The Humor is great. Laughter lifts the mood and prolongs life. That's just like in the beginning of 2015, many jokers don't have to remember that he laughs best who laughs last. Yes, now the concept Apple iWatch is not very impressive. But iPad all for a long time called the frame-age, and prophesied to him the role of bedside devices. But it was enough for the skeptics to take this tablet into the hands of just a couple of minutes, they immediately changed their opinion. The bulk of buyers while generally poorly represented, why they might want such a device, but to resist the purchase still could not.

If you judge the capabilities of the iWatch is still early, with Android Wear, everything is already more or less clear. Currently, this is an interesting and quite promising development, but the impression is really of finished product not yet produce. In Pebble't accidentally walked through the battery life of the competitors. After 36 hours of battery life – a good indicator for a modern smartphone, but not for modern watches. Namely, this illness most of the work on Android Wear devices. And it's not so much the size of the battery, how to optimize the OS. Google didn't leave yourself time for revision this version of Android, and now many companies are forced to make changes to their products in the process.

A Typical example of this approach can serve as watch Moto 360. This is a stunningly beautiful watch that I want to buy only one design. And then hang on the wall and admire as a work of art. After all, use a clock in real life was problematic – despite all the stories of developers about the benefits of Super Amoled display, their battery life remains at a record low.

If you believe the information resource is Reddit, the situation has changed radically since last update KGW42R with the firmware version number of Android Wear Now after 30 hours there is still just over half charge. It is also a record, but this time with a plus sign.

And it's pretty cool. Of course, if this information is indeed true. Only it is unclear what Google has arrived again on your favorite rake, giving a lot of jokes about "life is about sockets" and "suitcase with external batteries."

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About the future of smartphones

Recently, the network appeared first quality photos of the new smartphone Motorola. He has the code name Motorola Shamu and rumored to be the new smartphone in the line of Google Nexus. Judging by the photos, the size of the Motorola Shamu will be rather big smartphone is clearly larger lying next to LG G3.

It is Worth noting that in the case of Motorola Shamu is missing the inscription "Nexus". Probably just due to the fact that we have before us an early prototype. But it may well be that this is a standalone product that does not have Nexus are irrelevant.

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Guess long. After all, before the announcement of Android L there is not too much time, and a new smartphone Nexus, is likely to be presented on the same day.

By the Way, it may well be that the commercial name of Android L will not Lemon Meringue Pie and Lollipop. In any case, it hints at making a birthday cake "baked" by the company in honor of his sixteenth.

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Gradually, the network begins to receive the information about another anticipated new product – the smartphone Oppo N3. As expected, the appearance of the smartphone has little in common with previously published render, on which was depicted some absolutely fantastic device that we don't even know how to put it in your pocket.

But judging from the latest images (which, however, can also be a fake), the smartphone is still noticeably different from competitors ' products. In the first place, thanks to a rotating camera module.

In addition, the official picture teaser hints at several versions of this device which are made of different types of metal. At least you can expect the lithium-aluminum alloy and stainless steel.

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In Addition to the presentation of the Oppo, this month we will have official announcement of the smartphone HTC Eye. According to developer @LlabTooFeR, the smartphone will get a branded dual camera called the HTC Duo Camera, which we already saw in the HTC One (M8). Here only in the new smartphone will be used not 4 megapixel, and 13 megapixel module. Well, it's time.

With all my love to this Taiwanese company, sometimes it becomes very similar to Microsoft. And similarly to the latter to prove his innocence, promoting highly controversial and unpopular among buyers decision. And refuses it only when it could be too late.

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This list is scheduled for October announcements ends. A few days ago, Sony sent out invitations to journalists at a press conference.

What will be shown is not yet clear, but the hashtag #DemandGreat hints at the announcement of the Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact or Z3 Tablet Compact.

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But that would not be exhibited during the forthcoming event, to outdo colleagues from Carphone Warehouse it will not work. Unless, of course, the presentation will be held not in a giant aquarium.

the video presents the world's first underwater unboxing (Unboxing) Sony Xperia Z3. For my taste, was very impressive. The best advertising waterproof qualities of the Sony flagship was impossible to think up.

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About Google

Despite the fact that Android is a free operating system, Google puts producers happy conditions without which they will not be able to access such services as Google Play, Gmail or YouTube. And every day demands only become tougher.

According to the latest rumors, soon the search giant will require that would be on the main desktop, smartphone definitely was a folder with twenty basic apps Google. The second requirement is for the Google Search widget, which must be placed there where they will tell the company.

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Nothing criminal in the other. But the tightening policy of the company is evident. As a rather clumsy attempt to transplant users on the maximum number of services. Perhaps we don't know something, and by the search giant are not as good as if he wanted to? And the company has to forget about the image of "Corporation of good" and to act more firmly?

On this hint, and following the news, recently appeared on the portal Engadget. Next update advertising engine adds four new Android ads. Three of which are full-screen. And it's not just about static images, but also short videos and different interactive elements that can appear between levels free games and to take up to 20 seconds.

The company's Desire to capitalize on Android is clear. Profit is the main task of any Corporation, to work for the beautiful idea or a bowl of soup no one is ready. And that mobile advertising, which is becoming every year more and more Google brings less profit than a similar advertisement on the PC, is also not a secret. But I would really like to see the company complied with the balance between profit and the interests of users. On the same YouTube such advertising, in my opinion, is overkill. Until you find the right video, forced to memorize all the slogans of advertisers, listening to the same commercials every ten seconds.

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How do you feel about such kind of advertising? Are you willing to pay 50 rubles for ads in your favorite app or Wake her to endure? Or would you rather download a cracked version of a program that don't ask for money and not boring advertising? And where, in your opinion, does the line between understandable and tolerable inconvenience and disgusting Intrusive service?


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