Revolution in the world of classical GPS navigators

For sale a unique series Lexand SA5 with access to the Internet through an external 3G modem, powerful processors, advanced cartography and... card technical assistance from "All tow trucks of Russia" for 290 rubles!

The Company "Laboratory "LEKSAND", supplier of car navigation, car tablet, car recorders, car accessories, e-readers, smartphones, carbon monoxide mini phones, routers and tablets is a new line of classic GPS navigators – Lexand SA5.

The Line includes four 5-inch model (SA5, SA5+, SA5 HD and SA5 HD+). Among the main features of new products – ability to download data traffic via Bluetooth (in the case of models SA5+ and SA5 HD+) and even connected using a special adapter 3G modem with USB interface. Lexand SA5 – first on the Russian market of classic navigators on Windows CE, which officially compatible with 3G modems. Also among the advantages of the novelties of the navigation program "Navitel" cards with 9 countries and MStar CPU with a frequency of 800 MHz providing a 25 percent increase in speed compared to previous generation models.

A Bonus to all buyers Lexand SA5 – a discount of 40% on map technical assistance from the service "All tow trucks of Russia". That is, for only 290 rubles, the user gets the opportunity during the year to call a tow truck in any city of Russia.

The Russian company "Laboratory "LEKSAND" are only betting on unique different from competitive solutions products. Living proof of this is completely carbon supermajority Lexand Mini is the smallest mobile phone in Russia, characterized in that enviable functionality (camera, dual SIM card, Bluetooth, FM radio, audio player, etc.).

Today, the "Laboratory "LEKSAND" announces the beginning of sales of a whole line of unique for the Russian market navigators – Lexand SA5. Before I talk about them, we offer you a little deeper into the history.

"Laboratory "LEKSAND" entered the portable market of automotive electronics in 2008. Initially, the company specialized in the production and supply of satellite GPS navigators under the brand Lexand. In may 2011, she first brought to Russia "dual-system" Navigator (with support for GLONASS/GPS) – Lexand SG-555. In the spring of 2013 Lexand one of the first in Russia brought to market a line of GPS running the Android operating system – Lexand STA, which could also act as tablet computers. One of the devices of this line – Lexand STA-5.0 – was the best in-car Navigator 2013 version visitors The same model was recognized as the best Navigator 2014 in the framework of the award "product of the year".

Over the past 3 years Lexand is consistently in the TOP 5 largest suppliers of car GPS navigators in Russia. The market share of Lexand, according to the analytical group SmartMarketing, reaches 11%. In the period from late 2008 to early 2014, in our country under the brand Lexand has sold more than 1 million navigation devices 74 of the different models. Mid-2014 brand line consists of 38 current navigation.

Meanwhile, the market of satellite navigation in 2014 has decreased compared to last year 2013 by approximately 30% (data SmartMarketing). Reason – the preference of a certain number of users of smartphones and tablets with GPS receivers: this allows to reduce the number of devices used on a daily basis, and therefore save money. While smartphones and tablets have a number of shortcomings that are missing from the classic navigators. In particular, to devices of these two types you need to purchase a navigation program (about 1000 rubles), as well as the charger and the assist (about 1 000). And that's not counting the time to search, purchase, installation and study. In the case of the classic Navigator the buyer gets a complete solution that immediately after the purchase to the performance of their duties.

Unlike dozens of Russian brands, almost scoring "navigation" direction, Lexand continues to work in this field, improving their devices and offering products with unique functionality.

Today is Lexand SA5 – new classic series GPS Windows CE 6.0 with 5-inch screens. The line includes four models – SA5, SA5+, SA5 HD and SA5 HD+ with the following benefits:

• All series models SA5 can access the Internet for browsing, downloading information about traffic jams and work with built-in navigation software the online services through an external 3G modem connected via USB host. Today this is especially true given that the various features associated with the Internet, is in the vast majority of navigation packages. Lexand SA5 – first in Russia, the classic navigators on Windows CE operating system, officially supports external 3G modems. The drivers needed to work the modems-"whistles", created specifically for Lexand innovations in competing devices there is no such option.

• MStar CPU with a frequency of 800 MHz against 600 MHz of classic GPS navigators previous generation. As a result, the new series of SA5 work at least 25% faster.

• moreover, Lexand SA5+ and SA5 HD+ can access the net using your phone/smartphone connected via Bluetooth, and acting as a wireless modem.

• Advanced mapping from the "Navitel". All previous navigators Lexand've been, and new items are equipped with maps of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland with a lifetime upgrade.

As a bonus for buyers of navigators series SA5 Laboratory "Leksand" offers 40% discount on the activation card technical assistance from the service "All tow trucks of Russia". Thus, for 290 rubles, the user gets the opportunity in a period of 1 year from the date of activation to use one-time any of the services in any city of Russia. (Details on the website

Sale Lexand SA5, SA5+, SA5 HD and SA5 HD+ has already begun. Recommended retail price models $ 2 799, 899 2, and 2 899 2 999 rubles, respectively.