News digest No. 21. Look at tomorrow

Laptops are slowly giving way to tablets. The company tried hard to develop "smart" wearable electronics. Samsung tries to focus on premium design, and Apple quickly fixes the consequences of a failed upgrade.

A Little about laptops

In Recent years, the notebook market is experiencing not the best times. Damage to their sales caused not only tablets, but also modern smartphones, is able to partially replace full-fledged computer. Work with corporate mail, communication in social networks, simple to edit office documents, surfing the Internet, reading books and even watching movies during road – for this perfect smartphone or a compact tablet. And something more to many users and is not required.

Last week it became known that the production of laptops may decline a famous Japanese company Toshiba. The company plans to restructure and get rid of the least profitable units. The computer division had come into their number.

However, the complete rejection of the computer production of speech does not go yet. But the rejection of the proliferation of consumer devices model B2C in some countries has already been confirmed. But B2B, on the contrary, declared to be a priority. So, in the near future, Toshiba plans to focus on production workstations and tablets.

How will play such a bet on the corporate segment, time will tell.

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Not the best way things are going in this direction, and Samsung. In any case, the company plans to stop sales of laptops in Europe. In particular, we are talking about "Krombach" — portable laptops on the Chrome OS from Google. The reason of such decision the company called the altered competitive conditions. Also stresses that it is only on the markets of European countries, the termination of sales in other parts of the question.

The funny thing about this situation is that Samsung as no one else had a hand in this very "change of conditions", focusing on a large diagonal of mobile devices. However, after the first iPad anything good the notebook market already in any way did not expect.

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Unlike the Toshiba, do a special rate for the corporate segment, Samsung has no plans. But gradually to shift the focus on premium products with high margins, it seems, are still going.

The First sign in this direction was the smartphone Galaxy Alpha. Compact dimensions, a number of controversial restrictions (e.g., no memory card slot), high price. But – high-quality hardware, premium materials and stylish (at least compared to other Samsung smartphones) look. The result is a bit mixed, but interesting.

Apparently, the new smartphones in this series is not far off. The first of these could be the smartphone codenamed SM-A500, which recently "lit up" on the website TENAA.

Features of a smartphone is currently unknown. If you believe the rumors, he has a 5-inch display with a resolution of 1280x720, Quad-core Snapdragon 410, 2 GB of RAM and 13 MP camera. To work novelty will be running Android 4.4.4 KitKat.

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The Commercial model name is likely to be the Samsung Galaxy A5. A little late to this device added to the smartphone Samsung Galaxy A3 and Samsung Galaxy A7. Information about them is practically no, but it's easy to assume that the A7 will be the most expensive model in the lineup, and A3, by contrast, will be the most affordable smartphone.

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The Design of this line the company calls the new standard appearance of mobile devices. Its main advantages the company illustrated in the following infographic. Special emphasis was placed on low weight and small thickness of the new device.

I personally after viewing these images there is only one question – what about shoes? This is a hint that the texture of the back cover of the smartphone was sketched with insoles? Or new premium smartphones will be convenient to use as a brush for shoes? And maybe Korean businessmen now fashionable during business negotiations to put his feet on the table and it's very important to lying next smartphone is in complete harmony with the shoes?

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In my opinion, despite the big words about the new standard of quality and premium design, Samsung still will never buy for the sake of their appearance. Because first of all they are valued not for design refinements, and advanced iron and a lot of unique features. And long time of Autonomous work has long been a hallmark of Samsung devices.

A new development company not allow you to charge one device from another. Special cable Power Sharing will help to move the battery from the Galaxy on the smart watch, another phone of the same brand or even the Galaxy Tab. The charge and estimated time remaining works are carried out using a special app.

However, the benefits of this innovation yet doubtful. I don't think even the latest Galaxy Note with battery life has become so good that users already have nowhere to put the extra charge. And if somewhere on the road, where there is no outlet, have to choose from what device to give up, then I'd rather go without "smart" hours, but not without their smartphone. Yes, and than to carry a special cable, it is easier to buy miniature external battery. To charge the same hours it would be enough.

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Like Samsung, Sony also plans to concentrate the main forces in the premium segment. And in the case of Sony, the reason for this decision lies on the surface. The case of the mobile division of the company didn't go too well, for the company's management is tasked to minimize his losses.

At first glance it seems that the idea to produce expensive devices with a high level of profits – the perfect solution. And what's the point to inflate the lineup, if the same company feels the Apple perfectly, producing exactly one smartphone a year? And all is good, but there is one small caveat. Sony is not Apple.

The Last time the flagship of most large companies do not Shine particularly diverse and is very similar to your last year's version. It is especially true about Samsung, whose smartphones which year are created according to the principle "the same as last year, only slightly better and with a new texture". Oddly enough, the fastest growing can be considered a flagship smartphone of Apple. Just because the iPhone finally has come the epidemic increase of the diagonal, where all other companies have long had.

But even against their competitors flagship of Sony, in my subjective opinion, it's too boring. The company has long forgotten how to surprise, releasing a bright, unusual, memorable model. In any case, after he has ceased to set in the flagship devices cheap TFT displays – now that was really surprising.

In Russia the magic of this brand is still not gone, for many people, the word "Sony" still means "innovation" and "Japanese quality". Just as the brand "Nokia" for many still means "most advanced smartphone". But such people every year more and less, and impact is, in my opinion, mostly just on sale models of the middle segment of the budget. Where some buyers are actually willing to pay for it "Japanese quality" extra a couple of thousand just to take "some Chinese". But for good sales of the device for thirty thousand rubles are some beautiful words is not enough. As pretty, but pretty boring in design and protection from moisture.

And what do you remember the last flagship of Sony? Do you follow the news, waiting to see whether its new smartphone? What, in your opinion, must be done by the company to its flagship became more interesting top-end devices from Apple, Samsung, LG and others?

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Of Course, smartphones is not the only mobile devices that the company pays attention. In Sony do not forget about wearable electronics. In particular, the "smart" glasses called SmartEyeglass.

Information about them relatively little. It is known that even the current prototype is already possible to connect to most smartphones on Android 4.1. Besides, the glasses will not require any special applications unlike Google Glass, they work primarily with standard Android apps installed on your primary smartphone. Another difference from the "smart" glasses Google is display design. Display of SmartEyeglass glasses are glasses that have a transparency of about 85%. Thus, the physical size of the display SmartEyeglass will not an example more than Google Glass. That's just not clear what about those who wear medical glasses with corrective lenses.

Estimated date of sales of the device March 2015. The cost is unknown.

In my opinion, the niche of these devices to date, even smaller than the niche of "smart" hours. But even there, despite some good models of Sony Smart Watch, some kind of revolution to produce and failed. In addition, the prototype shown in the video, has a long wire leading to the control unit. That looks very unusual. And, perhaps, even slightly archaic. On the one hand, nothing wrong with that – the same people go with wired headphones? On the other – personally, I would like this accessory hardly bought. Painfully enough those glasses in the end look. Like a modern smartphone with a connected wired mouse. Especially given the upcoming Google Glass and heaps of other wireless competitors. What do you think?

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Google, Android and Nexus series

In the last week from several different sources received information about the date of the announcement of the tablet HTC Nexus 9. Presumably, this tablet will be presented on October 16. Specifications are not exactly known, but it is supposed to be based on the processor NVIDIA Tegra K1 and will receive a screen size of 8.9-inch with a resolution of 2560x1600.

It is Possible that on the same day will be officially presented the new version of Android, currently known as Android L. Its full title, is likely to be Lemon Meringue Pie.

Meanwhile, developers have already started discussing the next version of Android, codenamed Android M. the First mention of it was seen in correspondence of the developers on the official forum for the Android Open Source Project.

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Theoretically, October 16, we can expect another interesting announcement. Rumor has it that the company is preparing to introduce a new smartphone the Nexus series – Motorola Nexus 6. Let me remind you that the smartphones in this series have already released HTC, Samsung and LG. But while Motorola has released only the Nexus tablet that called Motorola XOOM. The first version of the tablet was very raw and had a lot of problems. Although it is difficult to say who was to blame more – Motorola as a manufacturer of iron or Google, who was in a hurry as soon as possible to introduce a tablet version of their OS.

Many expected that Motorola will release its first Nexus smartphone immediately after the merger with Google. But the search giant has opted for other companies. Last but not least in order to underline the equality of all manufacturers. After all, many Google partners at the time were very worried that the company will steal their piece of the pie and decide on their own to start producing Android devices. Today, such fears have no experiencing, and Motorola's mobile division has long been part of Lenovo. So that it can be.

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Many users complain that from their point of view, the new version of Android a little different from the old. Yes, they have lots of useful technical improvements... but there is nothing that would cause buyers the "wow-effect".

Perhaps soon the situation may change. This suggests an interesting patent recently appeared on the Internet. It is about environment analysis and monitoring by the user using the camera of your smartphone. All the data about the user will be systematized and stored in a special profile. This will allow the smartphone to become much "smarter" and provide the user with more relevant information. I only hope that the word "information" in the company understand it is not personal advertising, but something else. However, this monitoring system could be in any case to disable.

In addition, Android devices will learn to establish the identity of the person by lip movement and voice features. For example, if the living room is a few people, TV on Android will only respond to the voice of his master. Yes, and while driving this technology can also be useful.

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Smart home and the problems in iOS 8.0.1

However, most likely, this technology will be used not so much in smartphones, how many devices in smart homes. Here, its potential is really very large. And even if today it is difficult to believe that all appliances in "smart" house will work without user intervention as well as excellent played with orchestra, it might become a reality. The coffee machine itself can count the number of guests and prepare them coffee, air conditioning hear that the owner returns from a walk home, and independently switches to the desired mode, and "smart mirror" will choose for his mistress the most successful version of makeup.

Here are just "bugs" such "smart" home can bring its owner a lot of hassle. And to update the firmware on such "smart" devices and not be scared. Even now, when the smartest device most users is a common smartphone problems when upgrading to a new firmware or OS version can greatly complicate life.

The examples are not far to seek – recent update of Apple's operating system iOS 8.0.1 led to a serious failure in the iPhone. Instead of having to solve minor problems with HealthKit, Safari and upload photos, update created big problems with connecting the device to the network and led to the failure of the fingerprint scanner on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

As a result of the ensuing problems in the cell module and Touch ID update has been withdrawn. However, many users have already managed to get hurt.

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If we talk about "smart" house, it would be a smart lock with fingerprint scanner, which has suddenly decided not to let me out of the apartment, and appliances, which suddenly refused to connect to the mains. And the whole "smart" house in a moment would turn into a stone cave.

And we are talking about Apple, which is famous for stable operation of the software and attention to detail. What can you do when you upgrade the "smart home" company? I'm not eager to run all over the apartment from the raging smart of iron or fight with the wayward "smart" kettle, trying to splash me with boiling water. Yes, and "smart" mirror that decides to publish what is happening in the bathroom on YouTube, I'm also not very tempted.


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