Review tablet Xiaomi MiPad 7.9

Xiaomi MiPad is a tablet with the platform Nvidia Tegra K1. We can say that this is the first tablet since the option of the Nvidia yet available, but the MiPad is possible to order the Chinese and get it for a couple of weeks depending on the skill of the seller.

With the price, significantly less well-known brands, MiPad has an outstanding performance. In the first place catches the eye rate, the Chinese produces nearly 40 000 parrots in Antutu.

Moreover, it is already installed and working stuff and not right out of the box.

In addition, inside the tablet huge 6700 mAh battery, which tablet is a light and thin, as for example Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4. Weight 360gr and thickness of 8.5 mm, which is slightly more than Apple iPad mini2, it will butt heads Chinese MiPad, since the dimensions of the eminent competitor.

In Addition to the powerful processor and battery the phone boasts of a good screen with IPS-matrix and is covered with Gorilla Glass 3. The glass is really cool, with effective anti-glare and oleophobic coating, no worse than top models from Sony and Samsung. Measurements with a colorimeter show a good color gamut and color reproduction, as evidenced by subjective impressions from viewing your own photos, the colors of which are well known to me.

It is Easy to see that the color gamut coincides with the sRGB, which are the envy of many owners of LCDs, especially compact. The white point is perfectly meets the standard and has no changes in any side. When this gamma curve is also close to the standard, and components have a very good accuracy. It is evident that the Chinese slightly tweak the contrast in bright colours, but many even enjoy it, at least, the images just will not look pale:

Another of the interesting chips the ability to charge by computer. While more expensive competitors require separate charging, the MiPad is possible to carry without the extra adapters and charge from anything that would be a microUSB wire.

Now a little about usage scenarios:


That's what it is designed for Xiaomi MiPad. No brakes even in the most demanding games thanks to the K1. Compared with the MiPad even cool Samsung seem a little slow, the FPS is literally off the charts, but the tablet at the same time significantly heated in the upper part. The only game that I have run perfectly smoothly XCOM: Enemy Unknown, but there is the level of graphics is appropriate. However, to hang all day in XCOM you will not leave. The powerful CPU and eats the battery very quickly, even on such a scale. In a good game it up enough for a couple of hours, but no hours

The MiPad there is no 3G/4G, only wifi, so in the nature to sit on the Internet you will not succeed. In all other respects, no complaints there, the tablet is perfectly digesting any web page even without straining, and can easily withstand a large number of open tabs. A big battery is just what we needed, enough for a couple of days of active use. Wi-Fi MiPad dual band, supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac.


The Movie is not very cool to look at MiPad because not too appropriate for this aspect ratio, and the screen is not too bright. Comfortable brightness is near maximum, so you can watch movies only in the room. The battery for the whole day viewing easy enough. Both speakers located on the bottom, so in landscape mode all the sound will be on one side. On the tablet three touch buttons on the bottom, so holding the Smartphone in landscape orientation, you will constantly have these buttons to push.


But books to read on the screen in this format is just very convenient. In addition, this battery will be enough tablet for a few days. In economy mode, the Tegra K1 proved to be very effective and my feeling is ahead of all the others, and, by a large margin. Keep in mind that the tablet is of such dimensions using one hand to hold is not very convenient.


To navigate MiPad is not good, because it does not have GPS/GLONASS.


As already mentioned, the screen has very good color. However, at the edges there are small flashes, but that's not much of a hindrance. With 2GB of RAM and a resolution of 1536x2048 (324ppi) poses no problems to work with the originals Pixlr Express.

From the other buns in the MiPad has a slot for microSD support up to 128GB, led indicator, front/rear camera. Case of glossy plastic, pleasant to the touch.

It Should also be noted that at the moment the Chinese firmware is transferred and not when you select the Russian language some of the settings in English and some buttons in Chinese. In addition POPs up a lot of other deficiencies, for example, some apps think they're on the phone with the “menu” button and do not display this button. For example, Yandex mail, you will not be able to customize notifications and turn the sound off simply because you will not be able to log in the program menu. Calms only that Xiaomi very quickly release updates and soon these misunderstandings will be corrected. We must pay tribute to the Chinese, in the state of “out of the box” on a tablet there is nothing superfluous, unlike other brands that slip mountains of irrelevant applications and bundles images and videos as an example. Even Instagram is not installed from the market, considering the MiPad incompatible device, the other social apps work fine.

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