In Oculus Rift uses the display from Galaxy 3

A Few days ago the specialists of iFixit, was a second version of points of virtual reality Oculus Rift, is intended for developers of games and applications. As usual, gadget has been disassembled. But this time experts have found inside something completely unexpected.

During disassembly it was found the smartphone Galaxy Note III. If to speak more precisely, in glasses was applied not to the unit itself, and the display touch surface and front panel, which even survived the Samsung logo.

It is Noteworthy that, according to developers, the Oculus Rift second-generation uses an OLED display of frequency 75 Hz. Means that craftsmen managed to increase the screen frequency from 60 to 75 Hz.

If we talk about the use of the smartphone in the design of virtual reality glasses, the company is likely to have taken such a step, since the project is still in the testing phase and on mass sales.

In General, iFixit rated the repairability of Oculus Rift as "very high" – 9 out of 10 points.