Smart electronic glasses from Lenovo

Despite its small presence in the important markets of North America and Europe, Lenovo remains one of the largest and most powerful manufacturers. Largely due to the fact that this is a very large company in China. In this case we are talking about Lenovo and mobile devices. But do not forget that Lenovo, one of the major players in the market, when it comes to desktop PCs. The company does not want to grow only in this area and climbs quite active in the mobile sphere as well, as recent events in the field of wearable devices on the body.

What do we know about smart glasses? We have Google Glass, about which heard, perhaps, everything. There are some variations on the theme from Epson and Samsung. And now Lenovo showed their views and products with the name "Glass". In short, the interest to these products has at least the vendor and, therefore, consumers can not escape marketers will do the trick.

In Beijing, Lenovo showed a prototype smart glasses, strongly reminiscent of Google Glass. The important difference is that here the battery is located in the module on the neck of the media. Of course, there must be other differences in design and operating principles, but only in appearance they are hard to find, and the company does not particularly apply to this subject.

Lenovo say that I do not think that the alleged company is not interested in devices wearable on the body only because it is now in the portfolio of the company there are no such gadgets. So far Lenovo are testing the waters, experimenting and doing internal development and looking for partners.

While it is expected that the first commercial samples of points from Lenovo should appear in August or September. The production of components for the device will deal with the American company Vuzix, but at first the M100 product will be sold in China, focused on the business sphere. The gadget runs on Android 4.0.4 and offers the owner a dual-core processor with a frequency of 1 GHz. Approximate estimated cost $ 1298.