Google Now against Siri, who will?

Last December held a competition of mobile assistants from Apple and Google, which was held by Jen Munster — analyst at Piper Jaffray, which resulted in the conclusion that Siri several more intelligent, convenient and useful than Google Now. Then both assistants were asked 800 questions and answers and the results were analyzed and carefully compared.

Now the test was repeated. Again 800 questions, some of which were set indoors, and part on the street. The questions were from five categories: local information, navigation, General information, Commerce and commands for managing the operating system.

It is interesting that for the formation of their answers Siri used Google only in 3% of cases. In December 2012 this number was earlier 27%. Now it turned out that Siri relies more on search engine Bing from Microsoft. For the navigation assistant of iOS, of course, uses proprietary Apple Maps. While their own Siri was able to answer 4% of the questions without the help of search engines, at that time, as last December it was only 1%. Munster logical to assume that the number of questions, which forces Siri to do your own analysis and response will continue to grow. He said that this is important because if Siri will continue to rely on Bing and Google for answers, then this situation may lead to the fact that users simply will use search engines, bypassing Siri itself.

As for Google Now, the percentage of correct answers was higher — 86% vs 84% for assistant Apple. Last December the situation was reversed: 83% of Siri and 81% of Google Now. In recent tests, Siri is somewhat better showed itself in navigation, questions on General topics and finding local information. A small advantage was at Siri and the processing of control commands of the OS. Munster suggests that Google Now will quickly improve their performance to the level of Siri, because this helper appears in a huge variety of devices, including Google Glass, where the main control is voice. And in recent time, Google increasingly makes us happy news about the new tricks of mobile intelligent assistant, which he gradually acquires.