Extended NavBar - kastomiziruem control buttons

The Extended NavBar, which today is a question not even quite familiar standalone application, and a module for Xposed, which, however, allows you to do very interesting things with the system. However, Xposed generally aims to ensure that by extension allow users to easily customize and configure Android. If you still don't know what is Xposed, We recommend that you read one of our older articles, where we explained how to use it.

And if your device is already root access and installed Xposed Framework, then using Xtended NavBar, you now can customize button management system. The ones that usually there are a trio on a black background: back, home, recent apps.

Now, with control buttons system can be played literally as Doc in some third-party launcher, such as Nova Launcher. They can be gestures scroll left-right as desktops. Piles to one side and buttons gave way to quick launch your chosen applications, even swipe — get the quick settings, continue swiping control panel player and music playback.

With this setting, as usual, is extremely simple. In the list of modules to download in Xposed Framework Xtended NavBar find or install it through Google Play, and then just custom the States that we are interested in. Voila!

Download "Xtended NavBar" Android.

Set the "Xtended NavBar" through Google Play.