Shuttle+ - lightweight and convenient audio player

In what application you are listening to music on Android? Anyway, do you listen to music from your smartphone or carry a separate player? And how many can you name media players for Android? I just offhand will be given the names PowerAmp and Player. Those that I have stayed on my device for some time. Through my smartphone, it took quite a decent amount of apps. The others settled down at all. Mainly for the reason that were very inconvenient to use.

Yes, and PowerAmp, mega tricked-out harvester, and even with the interface for the aliens, to which I was never able to get used to. The choice of music player for me is the endless search for what will satisfy, just like with a mail client. But some time ago I settled on Shuttle+. This is a once opencarry project, picked up first by one developer, who in consequence Playing Now, and then abandoned and picked up by the next programmer. Now in the image of the Shuttle+ the app is actively developing and otherwise prettier.

Shuttle+ not so Packed with features and possibilities, as mentioned above PowerAmp, but the same Player Pro and in principle, the majority of colleagues in number of skills and abilities not inferior. Easily cope with all the major common formats, will appreciate the presence of the equalizer, intelligent work with a headset, etc.

But me in the first place he was attracted by its simple and easy interface. Easy as for a look and to understand. Confused here is impossible, and gesture support and latest versions of Android makes the player more comfortable and enjoyable. Shuttle+ is performed in the card style Google Now. There is not only light and dark themes, but hybrid, as well as the ability to customize light and dark themes, adding some of his color. In General, fit with probably any style of system.

Thanks for giving the opportunity to not only control the sorting of albums and artists, but also allowed to change display style: list or tile. Someone wants minimalism, having received the maximum number of lines with names on the screen, and someone will be glad that sees almost the full length of the cover. Because we are all different: some of us focused on the picture, the other part prefers to pay more attention to signatures. For maximum convenience, is implemented and the usual search for keywords.

Of Course, the Shuttle is able to play music not only displayed in the shared library, but in folders, works with playlists, you will appreciate the black and white list and even gather some statistics on the most listened and loved tracks. By the way, Yes, your favorites are here too. For those who want more digits, I would say that Shuttle+ friendly service that will track all your actions with the music on the device.

A Nice addition would be the ability to edit tags for files. Here full editor, you can even cover to pull from the network independently, assigning them as for albums, and choosing a photo for the performer. Although, when you first launch Shuttle+ will try all the necessary graphics to find and download yourself.

Of Course, there are widgets on the desktop, the player controls using the status bar and notifications, as well as the output of the widget with the control buttons on the day.

Interesting feature was the timer for those who like to fall asleep to your favorite tunes. You can set the time after which the app will automatically stop playback.

In the cons Shuttle you can record is what I paid for. Full version costs only 30 rubles, which is even less than case for iphone 5s or other smartphone. But in Google Play is easily detected and the free Lite version, without commercials. Most music lovers it is even likely to be enough, it is not inferior in functionality paid.

The good news also is that the developer is constantly improving Shuttle, releasing new versions with bug fixes and updates that are empowering app. Plus, in Google+ there is a community of testers, where Tim (the developer) responds promptly to bug reports and requests for new functions.

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