HTC dual production of One smartphone

No luck HTC with the withdrawal of its new flagship on the market. Seems to be interest from buyers is, and not small, many people like it, despite various flaws. But the trouble is that the company is unable to meet the demand. First, due to non-standard camera module with ultraporcelain. Then because of advanced microphone, which complained about Nokia. As a result, production slowed down, components replaced, and the engineers and marketing company looking for a way out of their sticky situation.

However, HTC still reports that the production of One smartphone will be increased and will double in may. However, some skeptics believe that the time has passed, after all, came to the market main competitor Gslaxy S 4, and Nexus 4 in a new guise that will appear. But better late than never.

Jack Tong the President of HTC Asia says that the company looks to the future optimistically and hopes that the smartphone will be in demand now, despite the fact that the moment, perhaps a few missed. HTC think you can still successfully sell One at least during June. The company believes that their new product is of great interest to the audience, but just the lack of sales samples supports this. And as long as people are willing to buy the products of the company HTC will continue to produce. Logical.