Review smartphone Lexand Irida: nice design and a 4.5-inch over 5 thousand rubles

Smartphone Lexand Irida, which will be discussed in the following review, today is estimated at about 5 thousand rubles. For the money offered even if not ultra modern, but still quite an interesting device. Yes, it'll play some Asphalt 8 with max graphics settings, but it has an interesting design and offers a good balance of performance and offline work. Below we will tell about all this in more detail.


What is a typical budget smartphone for 4-5-6 thousand rubles on the Android platform? Of course, it's a candybar with a large screen and touch sensitive keys – this template today does not venture to depart virtually none. Another thing is how the device can be designed. In the budget Android backgrounds commonly used black soft-touch, and inexpensive; it well masks the scratches, but the fingerprints and dirt on such material are going pretty fast.

The Developers Lexand Irida went the other way. Rear panel of this unit is made of solid rubberized material and decorated with a pattern. It looks – the honor is all ours, so I can't say that this smartphone is 5 thousand rubles. We dare to call Irida "designer" device – it this title is well deserved. The more that other design elements – in particular, the titanium-colored plastic frame around the perimeter of the building – also quite appropriate. It may seem that the "grooves" on the back cover quickly collect dust, but it's not. Within two weeks of use Lexand Irida they did not appear any dirt or dust particles.

Controls and connectors

For the location of ports and keys "Irida" you can put only four on a five point scale, and here's why. 3.5 mm connector is at the top, which is quite convenient. But the MicroUSB port is also located on the upper end, which is not so good, because it makes it difficult to communicate on the phone when it is on charge.

Volume Key located on the left, power button on the right. Not one of them have any complaints, they grope easily and have a clear course.

On the left side also has a camera button, and that's just it raises questions. More precisely, not so: it's good that she's even there, as the developers of smartphones about it now almost always forget; another thing is that usually these buttons are on the right, not left, as in the present apparatus. In addition, after pressing this key, when Lexand Irida is in a locked state, the camera does not start. You need to manually activate the display, and only then the camera can be enabled using the key. To enable it, and then photograph anything. Focus will have the use of the screen – the button has only one level of depression.

Touch-sensitive keys below the display have dim off-white lights, besides, it is uneven: the Central button is stronger than the extreme. By default, the backlight turns on after pressing any key, but in the settings they can be "forced" to stay lit, which we recommend to be done.

Under the keys is a microphone.

Above the display there are light sensors and proximity, front camera with a resolution of 1.3 MP and speaker with chrome mesh.

At the Rear there was a place for the camera, flash and multimedia speaker. Last quite loud, but very "clean" sound can not be called.


4.5-inch screen Lexand Irida is based on the matrix TFT TN and has a resolution of 854x480 pixels. The image quality is decent, that is, using smart phone to consider pictures and sites quite nicely. Yes, the perfect smoothness of the image with such characteristics is not achieved, but, again, all good. The viewing angles are not too broad, but "zero" is not called. Colors are inverted only in the case when you look at the screenshot below.

Among other things we note support 5-point "multitouch".

Hardware platform, communication and memory

MediaTek MT6572 Chipset, released about six months ago, has already become a classic in the world of budget smartphones. It is the basis Lexand Irida. The frequency of a 1.3-gigahertz processor with two cores ARM Cortex-A7 1.3 GHz reaches, responsible for the graphics accelerator Mali-400MP. The amount of RAM is 512 MB, that is, by modern standards it is not enough.

In everyday tasks Irida does not slow down, except that it is not necessary to open in browser Chrome more than 3-4 tabs. To play on the smartphone in full is unlikely to succeed, but at the same Asphalt 8 with low graphics settings can be expected.

The Amount of internal storage of typical class – 4 GB. Of these, there are about 3, so to buy a MicroSD card will have for sure. Hot noticeable flash drives are supported, and their maximum volume can reach 32 GB.

Slot for two SIM-cards are located under the back cover. Both cards have the format MiniSIM (that is, they are "large"), and traditionally can only work simultaneously in standby mode. When you call for a "SIM" second off.

The call quality and reception of complaints, as well as to the work Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. All these modules are, of course, Lexand Irida is provided.


Software Lexand Irida is the same as most devices on MT6572. In other words, we get to "use" the firmware on Android operating system 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with a minimum of changes.

There is support for downloading updates by air, which is not so often found in smartphones local brands.

Branded "mediteranska" chips note program for data backup. It works only if the inserted memory card.

In the actions list when you press the power button appeared create screen:

Also note the app "Flashlight", enable LED flash.

Well, additional (and free) apps missing. For example, there are a number of services of company "Yandex", and also a trial version of "Navitel".


Front Lexand Irida is a 1.3-megapixel sensor, features which is enough for video calls. More to demand of him is silly.

The Main 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and flash, however, the picture quality is also not Shine. Yes, with more or less clear weather it is possible to get relatively good photos and videos (recorded in HD720p resolution), but in most cases, the quality of the content is still lower than we would like. From nice – support for touch-focus.

Sample photos:

The camera Interface is familiar to many devices on chipsets MediaTek. It is convenient and somewhat resembles what we see in Samsung smartphones.

Work Offline

The capacity of the battery that came with Lexand Irida, is 1 700 mAh. One charge is enough for two days of Autonomous work with mobile Internet, calls and short video viewing. If you watch videos continuously in flight mode with an average brightness level, then 8-9 hours on a charge is enough.


The package of the unit is a completely standard: cheap wired headset, USB cable, AC charging, garantiqa and leadership. Oh and note the protective film pasted on the screen at the factory.


Lexand Irida is not a typical budget smartphone for this is to thank first of all the design. He is a positive impact on the perception of the device and makes it visually more expensive. Plus screen with a diagonal of 4.5-inch: enough less impressive 4-inch models that cost the same 5 thousand rubles. Otherwise, Lexand Irida is consistent with its class – from the hardware platform and ending with the camera. In General, developers get a good "workhorse" with a small number of faults.