Overview of the cover Buhbo, a company that specializes in the manufacture dear covers

If you're thinking about buying your child a case for its tablet Nexus 7/Barnes & Noble Nook HD/7” Kindle Fire HD or any other seven inch tablet or e-book, you undoubtedly should not pass by this accessory.

Children do not need fancy covers, which made for some geeks or professionals, they want something fun, colorful and unique – so unique and will be the case from Buhbo.

"But who are Buhbo?", you ask. Buhbo is a company that specializiruetsya on making cute covers for tablets or e-books that parents buy for their children. In fact, they make cases not only for little devices: they have large pouches that can fit iPad.

A Company few people know, but this does not mean that it produces poor products.

Let's see what can offer us an unknown company Buhbo.

In this review, we consider the case Roro, which is a small robot. He also has some friends: Coco the cow and Momo the monkey. Each case costs around thirty dollars. They look all very nice, but as a geek I could not choose something else and not the robot? That's right, nothing.

So, we have already determined that the accessory is very cute, but how well it will protect the device your child? Very well, actually. Almost the entire body is made of special foam, which will provide good protection for the device, therefore you and your child can be in peace and not think about what a device can do something to happen.

Also inside the case is pasted over with a velvet cloth, so that the device will be very comfortable to be inside the case from Buhbo. Personally, my tablet Nexus 7 feel comfortable and confident inside the case, allowing me to enjoy its use.

The case Closes with a large Velcro, which allows the tablet does not fall out of it. Also at the top there is a hook, through which you can conveniently move it. At first I reacted with disbelief to this accessory. Well, you know, a kind of appearance and all that.

But you know, after I long time I used them, I can confidently say that this case is very good and is perfect for children who already have the tablet in its use. Honestly, I like this that he began to use it. It is very attractive he is.

As I said, my Nexus 7 just felt great. The case would also be consistent with and Kindle Fire HD, Barnes & Noble Nook HD, iPad Mini and other seven-inch devices. Alas, the Fuhu Nabi 2 tablet, which we recently wrote on our website will not be able to make friends with this case because of its bulky red bumper. But I think it this case not needed.

In any case, with a large number of tablets cover Buhbo will be compatible.

In General, Roro I really liked it, despite the fact that it is designed for children. I think he will be great additions to your child's tablet, because you know how they are careless with things. Especially with appliances. The material used is good and the overall construction feels confident.

In Other words, if you have a child with a tablet, I strongly recommend you to buy this case.