Samsung, Rubik's cube, a new record

All in this world can be made from Lego. Well, and smartphone. In the UK in Birmingham robot called Cubestormer 3 set a new world record for solving three-dimensional puzzle Rubik's cube. If you remember people, that the previous record was established a year ago by the Dutch mats Wolf. It took him 5.55 seconds. The previous record robot was staged model Cubestormer 2 - 0.34 seconds.

Cubestormer 3 - a new generation of robot built from Lego and managed by Samsung Galaxy S4 (allegedly working on the instrument version). Cubestormer 3 solved the puzzle for 3,253 seconds. On the video seen almost as quickly work manipulators, collecting the Rubik's cube. The human eye even no time to fix all the movements of the robot.