Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 received Android 4.1 JB

In early 2012, the world leader in the production of smartphones, Samsung submitted a couple of affordable models, dominated by the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2. Updated Ace got from blockbuster ancestor recognizable design, but filling it differed dramatically. Despite the long-announced at the time of the presentation of Android 4.0, the SGA received only 2 Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Finally, Koreans corrected this mistake and updated from the smartphone to Android 4.1.

At the end of last year, Samsung published a full list of devices that will receive the Android 4.1 and there suddenly was the hero of this article. Some time ago, the firmware is "leaked" to the Network, which allowed him to set her most daring, the majority of consumers as always decided to wait for it through the official update path: OTA and KIES. Quite unexpectedly, the owners of Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 today began to get alerts that their smartphone is finally ready to get Jelly Bean and a new version of the original shell.

This horse racing via version was a pleasant surprise for owners, and new software is evaluated quite highly. First, it includes Project Butter, which affected the smooth operation of animation – II Ace if got new hardware. Appeared and built-in Google Now, the app-assistant from Google, which adapts to the owner, studying his way of life. In addition, the OS itself brings a lot of changes for the better, among which including normal contact pictures, because the smartphone was updated to Android 4.1.2.

Of Course, the OS was completely rewritten and a proprietary shell. She began to look a lot like Nature UI, used by the company in the "older" smartphones, although the capabilities and effects it with him is not equal – all the same hardware with the Galaxy Ace 2 does not equal flagship. However, dual-core processor of the device without too much difficulty to cope with all the innovations.

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