MegaFon Login - Android-smartphone for 3 thousand rubles

Despite the increased obsuzhdaemost the leaders and all the media noise around them, most of the money for retailers come from the sales of cheap phones. The openness of Android and has created a market of affordable smartphones that can be purchased not even a very wealthy person. In Russia, this segment was formed last year through companies that guide the Chinese OEM devices under its own brand. But it turned out that the record availability can still be beat and have made this operator MegaFon, presenting smartphone MegaFon Login.

MegaFon Login – not the first experiment of the "green operator" for the promotion of branded devices, but it is unique. Because the cost of new items is 2990 rubles, only palochkoi to the operator, and at the conclusion of an additional contract, you can get a good discount and buy MegaFon Login for 1990 rubles! For the money the user gets quite a workable smartphone with Android 4.0.4 inside. Given the presence of its own update system, it is likely that there will be on it and Jelly Bean. Fortunately, no critical changes Megaphone the shell is not made, it is almost "naked" mobile OS from Google, there are only a few preset programs.

The device is simple and pretty thick, there are three touch keys under the display: "menu", "home" and "back". Why is there a physical button that repeats the function of "home". The screen resolution is only 480x320 (HVGA) resolution at a diagonal of 3.5-inch. It is created by technology TFT, has a small viewing angles and poor brightness. Inside the processor from Broadcom with a frequency of 1 GHz and 512 MB RAM and 750 MB for apps and data, the benefit of a slot for a memory card. There is also a camera with a resolution of 3.2 MP without autofocus. Despite the large thickness, the capacity of the internal battery is only 1300 mAh, but that will be enough for most consumers.

The OS on this hardware runs fairly well, although some podragivanija periodically, you notice, but then to a large extent wine a bit outdated OS. Most of the applications work without problems as a simple game. But of course, the main plus of this product is its price. Expect a symmetrical response from the rest of the big three operators.

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