A new piece of information and rumors about the smartphone Motorola Phone X

Some time we are covering a series of rumors about the expected smartphone Motorola (Google) X Phone. To date, however, they had already gathered quite a lot, besides there is some specific information.

First, one of the most interesting rumors of recent days indicates that Google has abandoned the X Phone project, a fully "giving it back" of Motorola. That did not suit the search giant, is unknown, but it is unclear if, what not so long ago admired Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt).

Second, leaked for a long time in a Network of images, apparently, really was a picture of fixing the smartphone. This is indicated by the information on the website of the FCC, among which there is a picture with outlines of the smartphone, which coincide with the early photographs.

Thirdly, the Motorola XT1058, which, likely, is the X Phone showed impressive results in the test package GFXBench results of 26.5 K/s in stage T-Rex HD and 53.8 fps in the Egypt HD scene. For comparison, the latest Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone capable of delivering 12,6 40,5 K/s, respectively. The strangeness adds the fact that among the data of the test package indicates GPU — Adreno 320, which these abilities previously could not boast and directly model SoC — Qualcomm MSM8960, which actually includes the graphics core is Adreno 225. Perhaps these contradictions indicate that the test results are fake. In addition to this test package, you can see that the screen of the smartphone will have a resolution of 1280x720 pixels, and as the OS acts Android 4.2.2.

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