TOP 5 most important games of the expiring year

Welcome readers! In anticipation of the New Year, we decided to look back and see what's interesting over the past 12 months pojavilos on the virtual shelves of Google Play.

So, meet our TOP 5 most "high profile" games of 2013.

Real Racing 3

Category: Gonki

Razrabotchik/IZDATEL: EA Swiss Sarl

Version: 2.0.0

Price: Free – Link in Google Play

Last year in Google Play appeared several arcade racing game, created by the large companies. But the leader, in our opinion, is Real Racing 3. Of course, the game has some flaws, most of which is associated with a distribution model, but they do not change the fact that racing from EA Games was really fun.

The Main advantages of this project are: good graphics, a large fleet of licensed cars, a variety of trails and the possibility of improving the "iron horse".

Also worth noting is the gameplay itself. The developers managed to create a racing simulator, which is equally good to play, sitting in a comfortable chair at home or standing on the subway on the way to work. And there is a certain merit distribution model of the game. As mentioned above, this aspect is not only positive but also negative feature of Real Racing 3.

On the one hand, the time it takes to fix the broken car, delivery of new parts or buy a car, the process adds realism and detract from the gameplay. But this approach does not fully enjoy the game, as the time in the garage is enough. Of course, all this is solved. For example, you can speed up the process by buying "funny money" for real money, and can accumulate in-game currency and buy a couple sports cars, drive them in turn.

In any case, even given the not entirely successful distribution system, Real Racing 3 is the best racing arcade for Android-devices.

Dead Trigger 2

Category: Arcade & action

Developer/Publisher: MADFINGER Games

Version: Depends on device

Price: Free – Link in Google Play

The sequel to the popular mobile zombie Sutra called Dead Trigger 2 became known in early 2013. On one of the largest exhibitions of the developers of the company MADFINGER Games has shared the first details about his latest project.

We were promised a new level of graphics, more thought-out plot, more weapons, and unseen monsters. Now, after the release of Dead Trigger 2, we can say that the promises of the developers have kept almost completely.

Dead Trigger 2 really has colorful graphics and updated gameplay in which in addition to the shootings appeared the possibility to create weapons. By the way, the developers also played the bosses. In the second part they become a little more diverse.

And here is the plot of the game as there was no and no. More precisely, it is not in the usual sense. There is a certain fable – virus zombies and a small group of survivors – everything according to the laws of the genre, and nothing more. However, one should not forget that Dead Trigger 2 is a mobile game that users will run to within 10 minutes of war with reanimated ghouls. In this style, hardly anyone would understand the plot intricacies.

To summarize, we can say that Dead Trigger 2 is the sequel to a good zombie shooter for mobile devices that can entertain users during peak hours.

The Room

Category: Golovolomki

Razrabotchik/IZDATEL: Fireproof Games

Version: 1.03

Price: 2$ – Link in Google Play

In September 2012 the developers of the company Fireproof Games have done an incredible. With his game called The Room they made a local revolution in the genre of mobile puzzles, showing other game authors, and simultaneously to the user that the projects in which the "head of the corner" are exactly the puzzles on the uptake, can become popular.

In Fairness it should be noted that initially The Room was Apple exclusive, and only in the spring of 2013, the developers decided that it was time to learn a new platform, and released an Android version of the puzzle.

If we talk about gameplay, The Room is a quality representative of the genre, where the player will discover different sly boxes. And all in order to move from one location to another. Despite its apparent simplicity, finding the secrets in small boxes really captivating. Also apparently the game looks just fine.

By the Way, is now in the App Store are already available The Room Two. The release of Android-version of the project is expected early next year. So what are waiting for.

Anomaly 2

Category: Arcade & action

Developer/Publisher: 11 bit studios

Version: Depends on the device

Price: 2$ – Link in Google Play

For the First time the General public heard about the poles from 11 bit studios in 2011 when the light appeared unusual defensive strategy called Anomaly: Warzone Earth. The main feature of this Tower Defense was game mechanics.

The Developers decided to expand the gameplay is the opposite – instead of building a strong defense, users had to "prelaminates" through enemy fortifications. This concept appeals to many players, and eventually the project moved from personal computers to the console, and then on a mobile device.

A year after the release of the original came the sequel, Anomaly: Korea. And in 2013, the authors presented the second part of the Anomaly. Anomaly 2 was beautiful, a little bigger and even more fun. However, the main idea was retained, users have not to defend but to attack the fortifications of the enemies, trying to get to the end of the level.

Rayman Fiesta Run

Category: Arcade & action

Developer/Publisher: Ubisoft Entertainment

Version: 1.0.2

Price: 3.5$ – Link in Google Play

Last year, the developers of the company Ubisoft decided that the old Rayman sat on the "big platforms" and it was his time to explore new horizons. So in the middle of 2012 Google Play and the App Store was enriched by the arcade game called Rayman Jungle Run.

It is Noteworthy that the experiment was a success. On smartphones and tablets, Rayman began to feel much better than on PC and consoles. So, the appearance on mobile devices continue Rayman Jungle Run was only a matter of time. I had to wait a little more than a year. But, finally, the Creator of Rayman Fiesta Run.

Rayman Fiesta Run is a typical runner, where you will need to run forward, dodging various obstacles and to collect coins and bonuses. Over time, users will unlock new levels and characters.

The Hallmark of the series Rayman has always been a very colorful graphics and nice sound. Rayman Fiesta Run is no exception. This runner looks and sounds almost perfect.

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