Samsung pokazhut Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 Game Edition

So far, Samsung has not yet been press releases about the new device, but SamsMobile confidently report that soon the Korean company will send the sales of a new tablet. Or rather, a modified version of already known device — Galaxy Note 3 8.0 Game Edition.

The Addition of "Game Edition" it received in addition to the old name, because complete with the familiar Galaxy Note 3 8.0 is recently announced game joystick and HDMI"stick" for the TV.

With this set, you will be able to pass your favorite games on a larger diagonal. The tablet will essentially act as a game console. "Stick" to the TV, it will send a signal to your diagonal plasma, and a controller connected to the tablet via Bluetooth, replace the traditional console joysticks. Directly to the tablet it plugged in will not work, because the controller supports smartphones with a diagonal of 6.3-inch and is not designed for such use with the tablet.

So far nothing is known about the date of receipt Galaxy Note 3 8.0 Game Edition on sale, as well as cost, but, most likely, the gadget will not be cheap.

The Question is only the decision to create a game variant with the most powerful process. But is it always game required the most resources and capacity of iron. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note 3 8.0 processor running at a frequency of only 1.5 GHz, which today is not too impressive figure.

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