Lexand A802: 8-inch tablet with metal housing and processor Huawei

"Honest" 8-inch tablets on the market quite a few: manufacturers vengeance release "clones" of the iPad mini on Android with a diagonal of 7.85-inch, which is a little more compact. Of course, the difference between the form factors 8" and 7.85" is negligible, however, perhaps to some, this growth still seems important. Lexand A802, which will be discussed in this review, a full 8-inch tablet. Among its features you can immediately identify a metal body and an exotic hardware platform Huawei K3V2 4-core processor, which is extremely rare in mobile electronic gadgets without the Huawei logo on the case.

Package contents

Equipped Lexand A802 without any frills: in the box with the tablet and found a cheap wired headset, USB cable, AC adapter, manual, warranty card and a set of advertising leaflets on other products Lexand (recorders, smart phones, routers, GPS-navigators).

The Box looks like this. It is made of white cardboard and contains a number of entries informing about the characteristics of the device.

Design, connectors and controls

Design Lexand A802 no revelations shall not be – this is quite a typical modern tablet in black colour, having the aspect ratio of 4:3. The main feature of the case is that he is pleasant to the touch back panel is made of rough metal. The build quality of the device high, even twisting on the diagonal is not forced to A802 suscribete. The thickness of the body of the tablet PC is 9 mm, it weighs 495 g. Demonstrated by today's standards average.

Plastic items in the corpus is also missing: the side faces of the housing, control keys, insert in the upper portion of the rear panel under the insert, apparently, are the antenna required for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS.

In the upper part of the right side of the case Lexand A802 are the power key the device/display and adjust the volume in the upper part of the left side there was a place for the cap, under which hides the slot for cards of format microSD.

On the top edge Lexand A802 located microUSB and microHDMI, and a standard 3.5 mm headphone Jack. Here we add that the sound quality is average – audiophile it hardly will please.

Above the screen is front camera, led light and microphone.

On the rear panel A802 there is another camera and multimedia speaker. It's loud, for watching videos in the company of its possibilities is enough.


In Lexand A802 uses inexpensive matrix, made by technology TFT TN and has a resolution of 1024x768 pixels. The aspect ratio is 4:3, so with this display is quite comfortable to read books – unless, of course, you are not used to use devices with screens on electronic ink E Ink.

The Image is not very bright, the color seems not too natural. Viewing angles like matrix TFT-TN wide enough, although, of course, about the usual for IPS-screens is 178 degrees. When you look to the left and below the picture fades less, than when viewed from above or to the right; however, it fades and is not inverted, which is not bad. In General, conventional screen – stars in the sky it is not enough.

System performance

Budget tablets usually are equipped with chipsets, Allwinner, RockChip and Amlogic, recently also spread a number of decisions MediaTek. However, in the case of Lexand A802 developers went the unusual way and involved in its creation platform Huawei K3V2. In it, recall, includes four ARM Cortex-A9 and graphics Vivante GC4000. The maximum frequency of cores is 1.2 GHz, although in nature there are also the 1.4 - and 1.5-GHz versions of the K3V2. The amount of installed in Lexand A802 RAM is 1 GB.

The Results in the benchmarks:

In the environment of the Android operating system. tablet itself is quite fast. With games all the more complicated. For example, Dead Trigger works fine, "Iron man 3" sometimes retarding, and Real Racing 3 does not start at all.

In Lexand A802 have adapters Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and Wi-Fi (802.11 n) and GPS receiver. To these components, no complaints. By the way, great that there actually is GPS in the budget tablets, this component is often missing, which leads to the impossibility of implementing the navigation capabilities.

Integrated memory Lexand A802 8 GB, available to the user about 5.6. 32-Gigabyte card format microSD tablet is recognized without problems.


To Make screenshots of the camera interface Lexand A802 failed, the tablet reports an error and nothing is saved. However, a small loss – nothing special here, everything is standard. Yes, and the picture quality is typical for budget tablets. The resolution of the front camera is 0.3 megapixel main and 3.2.

Sample photos:

Video camera records in HD 720p resolution (1280x720 pixels).


Lexand A802 comes with Android operating system 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, and a lot of proprietary modifications to it. (In contrast to the same Lexand A811 where soft well refined and has a bunch of interesting chips.) Virtual key to access the main menu located in the upper right corner of the screen. The solution is not very convenient – it was better to leave her in the bottom as in completely stock versions of the OS. On the other hand, if you hold the tablet in a horizontal position, the location of the button is quite convenient to reach for it is not necessary.

Pre-set programmes not so much, but they are mostly free services from Mail.ru and "Yandex". There is a 30-day trial version of the "Navitel", which later will have to pay separately.

How to Download updates over the air tablet supported.

Work Offline

Battery Lexand A802 relatively powerful as for 8-inch tablet PC – 5 000 mAh (in these models, there are batteries and 4,000, and even on 3 500). Watch video in HD720p format, you can about 4 and a half hours to read books – up to 8 hours, use the navigation to 3. If you use the device in mixed mode and give him a break (i.e., periodically turn off the screen without turning off the tablet), but in daylight it will be enough.


Lexand A802 can not boast a unique design, liftovye chips or ultrakachestvennyh screen behind it all to turn to more expensive devices. Meanwhile A802 offers approximately over 7 thousand roubles, having high-quality housing and high stability over a month of testing in a variety of modes machine does not hang and does not arbitrarily rebooted. Also from the advantages of this model worth mentioning is the support for GPS and Bluetooth adaptors are not available in all tablets with the same price tag.