Manipulator Samsung Smartphone GamePad will turn your mobile device into a portable game console

Samsung has announced the release of Smartphone devices GamePad, which, according to the manufacturer, will turn your smartphone or phablet into a portable gaming console.

The device has the form of the gamepad that connects to a smartphone or a phablet (like manipulator Mad Catz C. T. R. L. Mad Catz M. O. J. O.).

The display connected instruments must not exceed 6.3-inch, and the minimum value is 4-inch.

Connectivity smartphone (planshetofona) with Smartphone device GamePad is carried out via Bluetooth 3.0. And such devices as the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android OS 4.3 connect via NFC connection.

The Play Button, located in the center of the manipulator, allows access to Mobile Console, which contains all the games, adapted to control via the device Smartphone GamePad. The manufacturer promises to expand the catalogue, which so far includes 35 games.

As controls are two analog sticks, the controller D-Pad, four control buttons, two analog trigger, and the arrow keys Select and Start.

The dimensions of the device are 137,78x86,47x31,8 mm, and weighs 195 g. the battery Capacity is 160 mAh.

Samsung has not announced the cost of the device Smartphone GamePad, but it is known that the first rocker to appear on the European market.

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