The shareholders of the company Nokia require to organize the production of smartphones based on Android

According to Reuters, the shareholders of the company Nokia has made a criticism on the policy of the company, after its failure to begin production of smartphones that work on Android. They believe that it does not allow a company to fully compete in the market with such corporations as Samsung and Apple, are actively promoting on the market of such products.

During the last meeting of shareholders Stephen Elop, who served as President of the company stated that they do continue to release Lumia smartphones that run Windows Phone.

And with them the company is planning to compete with Samsung and Apple with their smartphones on the Android platform. Received critical opinion of the shareholders, who believe the products are not competitive. He said: "Good intentions pave the path to hell".

With this statement I agree and third-party analysts that as a way out of this situation, I propose to start to cooperate with Google and gradually transfer manufactured smartphones on Android.

Recall that the transition produced by Nokia smartphones on Windows Phone OS took 2 years. This period had just ended on the eve of the latest meeting of shareholders, which sounded the statement. Although due to this transition, sales of smartphones Lumia increased, however, when compared with the volume of sales of smartphones Samsung and Apple, they remain small.

For the first three months of 2013 it sold 5.6 million Lumia. But over the same period last year their number was only 4.4 million devices. And despite this, the share of Nokia smartphones in the market does not exceed 5 %, whereas the performance of Samsung and Apple in excess of 50%.

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