Sleep as Android - the most intelligent alarm clock

Updated fun application Sleep as Android. The creators of Sleep as Android is convinced: for a person to be alert and energetic all day, you need to pay special attention to sleep and especially awakening. Sleep as Android uses the accelerometer of your smartphone, which lies close by while you sleep, and records the activity of your movements, determining the phase of sleep. The developers claim that during the holidays alternate between phases of deep and REM sleep. Awakening in a moment of deep sleep - is harmful to human being.

If you set the alarm for a certain time, the app will Wake you up during the phase of deep sleep, but as soon as you go into REM sleep, you will hear the signal.

Sleep as Android builds a graph depth of your holiday and keeps statistics on the sleep deficit. For alarm you can use nature sounds - birds singing, the sound of surf the sound of a thunderstorm, etc. In the settings you can control the speed of amplifying a signal. For the largest dormice have a special mode SARTINA at which to stop the alarm will need to understand the meaning of simple tasks, the proposed application, and enter the correct answer. The program can record conversations in a dream and record your snore.

To Download free application for devices with Android here.