New TV console on Android called MK Z1

Recently appeared in the sale of new mini-computer MK Z1, which is essentially a set top box. With MK Z1 can be made from simple TV advanced panel that has Internet access.

In addition, using a new device, you can run a large number of games and applications.

There are other similar prefixes – in this regard, the manufacturers haven't done something radically new, but MK Z1 has a number of distinctive features, which you describe below.

First, the prefix is enclosed in a cylindrical housing, the ends of which are holes for ventilation. On the side are all the main ports and connectors.

Secondly, there is a private web camera through which you can organize the video. Also, the MK Z1 include an Ethernet controller.

The Processor used here is the Rockchip RK3188. It has four cores (processor architecture ARM Cortex-A9).

Of RAM in the new device is 2 gigabytes. The permanent of memory – 8 gigabytes, which is pretty good. Available modules Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi. As for connectors, there are HDMI port, a full USB connector and microUSB. Headphone connector 3.5 mm.

This wonderful console on Android 4.2.2. Approximate cost of new items – 100 U.S. dollars.