Friday news digest №7. Smartphones with two OS, batteries, a new type of rumors about a merger of major companies

Greetings to all. The past week was not too rich with bright events, but does not skimp on speculation. This new leak about the unannounced products and rumors about the merger of large producers. Oil poured into the fire, and published at the end of last week quarterly reports of various companies.

In this issue:

  • HTC: the results of the quarter, rumors of a sale and leaks about HTC Max
  • Samsung's record profit rumors about the Galaxy S V, Galaxy Round and other interesting devices
  • Google: “smart watches” Google Gem and talks about buying BlackBerry
  • LG: new leaks about the Nexus 5 and unique batteries of a new type
  • the
  • Xiaomi: date of commencement of sales of Xiaomi Mi3
  • One line


Quarterly report

Every quarter, HTC deeper and deeper bogged down in a quagmire. According to the recently published report, the company has set another anti-record – third-quarter 2013 for the first time was for her loss. And although unlikely it was for someone of a big surprise, this fact has spawned a wave of rumors varying degrees of reliability.

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Windows Phone OS on smartphones with Android

According to Bloomberg, the company's management received a very original offer from Microsoft. We are talking about the creation of Android smartphones with additional Windows Phone OS. By purchasing this smartphone, the user will be able to run any of these OS.

At first glance, the news looks very interesting. If before the user's perspective, the OS was not a separate product, and was an integral part of the hardware of the phone, but now the situation may change. It is possible that in the future to change the OS on the phone will be as easy as to reinstall Windows on the PC.

However, at the moment this is still very far away, and the increasing sales of HTC need right now. And, in my opinion, the second OS on Board the phone, they don't help. Because in the first place a buyer will consider this smartphone as a phone on Android. And if the Android mobile phone buyer of something is not satisfied, no bonuses such as additional OS the situation is not saved.

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The Negotiations about a possible sale of the company

Another rumor is negotiating to buy HTC Lenovo. On the one hand, the ear does not look very reliable. Moreover, the representatives of HTC recently announced that the company is not for sale. On the other hand, Lenovo already has experience in the acquisition of well-known, but going through hard times brands. For example, the purchase of ThinkPad from IBM.

The Veracity of these rumors, I not undertake to assess. But for me, as a longtime fan of HTC, it would be tantamount to the death of the company. It wouldn't be a Union of two equal partners and no one will allow “all the same people just to do the same thing.” If Lenovo really wants to buy HTC, it is clearly not in order for the company continued to roll downhill. It is possible that new products and be successful, but to the HTC that we know it will have little relevance.

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New utechki about HTC Max

However, despite not the best results of the quarter, HTC is not going to give up. In particular, the company has already been working on 6-inch smartphone HTC Max. A few days ago in a network there were even photos of his operator version for Verizon. It is also reported that the smartphone will have a fingerprint scanner and a removable back cover.

More information managed in the smartphone certification in China. According to "leaked" reports, the phone will be running Android 4.3 with Sense 5.5. The screen size is 5.9-inch, 1920x1080 resolution (373 ppi). The phone is built on Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 with frequency of 1.7 GHz, have 2 GB of RAM and a slot for memory cards.

The Official presentation of HTC One Max can be held on October 17.

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Quarterly report

Unlike HTC, Samsung last quarter brought record profit. Revenues amounted to 59 trillion won, roughly equivalent to 54 billion dollars. Looking at the quarterly reports of both companies is very difficult to believe that a few years ago they competed with each other on a completely equal and was literally "neck and neck".

Now Samsung is the undisputed market leader in Android smartphones. The company could afford from time to time to release experimental and quite niche products.

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Samsung Galaxy Round

First and foremost, these include the Samsung Galaxy Round – first smartphone with curved screen. The characteristics of the smartphone is very reminiscent of the Samsung Glaxy Note 3 screen is 5.7' with a resolution of 1920x1080, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 800, 3 GB RAM, 13 MP camera, slot for memory cards.

The company tried to beat a curved screen, using its form in a number of functions. For example, tilting the phone to control the music playback or to display information about missed calls.

At the moment the phone is only sold in Korea at a price of about$ 1,000. It is expected that in the near future he will appear in other markets. However, while curved screen doesn't look the same "flavor", which could make a smartphone popular. In fact, we have a clone Galaxy Note 3, but without the unique stylus.

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Gear Glass

Gear Glass is another experimental device that, according to rumors, is being developed in Samsung. It is assumed that we are talking about some analogue of Google Glass, but no other information about the device at the moment. According to rumors, the announcement of Gear Glass is scheduled for spring 2014.

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Galaxy Gear and smartphones of other companies

On the XDA Developers forum there was a message about the successful installation of the software for the Galaxy Gear the HTC One. However we are talking about custom firmware on official firmware immediately after connecting with the watch program gave error "validation check failed".

Apparently, Samsung was able to initially make the Galaxy Gear compatible at least several flagships of other companies. However, at the moment the watch does not support even some of the most popular Samsung phones. In particular, we are talking about smart phones Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2, which will only appear toward the end of the year.

Some ways this situation is reminiscent of the release of the Motorola XOOM tablet. Then the developers were in a hurry so first to show the tablet on the new OS, I decided to launch a rather "raw" device. In the result brought not only financial but also image losses for the company.

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Official comment on the "cheating" results in benchmarks

Once in the network appeared the information about "cheat" Samsung Galaxy Note 3 results in the synthetic tests, the company was forced to officially comment on the situation. According to representatives of Samsung, not any rigging of speech, of course, is not. Just the device automatically starts to operate at full capacity when this is really necessary. Of course, such a statement sounds quite logical. That's just all of us remember the function with the speaker called "BenchmarkBooster," which is in exactly the same situation was found in the Samsung Galaxy S IV. And even if this time the representatives of the company are absolutely right, many buyers in any case they are already not believe.

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The rumors about the Galaxy S5

According to Korean media, the announcement of the new flagship of Samsung is scheduled for January next year, and the beginning of sales is expected in February.

If the rumors are true, then the time between the announcements of flagships will be significantly reduced. And even if it does not take into account a series of Galaxy Note and forget about the rumors about the premium Galaxy F. the line a Few years ago that was the company HTC, which in result affected the sales of the flagship is not the best way. Customers wanted to be assured that spending on the phone 30 000 they are still at least a year will be owners of the best device. But in practice it turned out that the new flagship a couple of months morally obsolete and was replaced by another.

Sorry, no information about the Samsung Galaxy S V yet. I think that many buyers would like to see a really new and interesting device, not an improved version of the Galaxy S IV. Let's hope that Samsung will are the aces in the sleeve, and the Galaxy Gear along with Galaxy Round will be not the only innovation of the company.

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Smart watch Google Gem

The closer October 14, the more rumours appear about the presentation of Google. For example, at the end of last week, the network appeared information about the possible announcement of "smart hours". According to rumors, the watch will be called Google Gem.

I'd like to believe that unlike the Samsung Galaxy Gear, this watch will work with most available smartphones.

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Talks about buying BlackBerry

However, the most unexpected was the rumor is not about the presentation. So, according to Reuters, Google is in talks to purchase BlackBerry. Let me remind you that previously the search giant has already acquired Motorola, which at that time was also going through hard times. If the rumors are true, Google could become a kind of graveyard of wrecked ships, the final resting place for once-great companies.

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New info on LG Nexus 5

Lately, even Apple can't avoid leakage, to say nothing about other companies. So LG is unlikely to surprise the audience during the presentation of the new Nexus. If the network leaked photos and the main characteristics of the device, then last week they added another and a service manual. One of the interesting points of inductive charging, a camera with optical image stabilization and a sensor that determines the strength of the compression device. Why the last is not yet clear.

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Battery new

October 8, the LG representatives announced that they are ready to represent the batteries of a new type. New batteries are divided into three types: manual (Stepped Battery), flexible (Curved Battery) cable (Battery Cable).

Stage the batteries will consist of two composite panels located at the stage. Such batteries will allow more efficient use of space inside a smartphone that will allow to increase time of Autonomous work. These batteries are used in the smartphone LG G2.

The Production of cable batteries will begin in the next few years. These batteries are flexible, waterproof and will not become extremely hot during operation.

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The Beginning of sales of Xiaomi Mi3

The company announced that the version of Xiaomi Mi3 on the platform Nvidia Tegra 4 will go on sale October 15. Unfortunately, remains unknown to date sales of the international version of the phone based on the chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 with Adreno 330. According to rumors, these devices have not yet entered mass production and sales can take place towards the beginning of next year.

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One line

  • Google Hangouts appears SMS integration and MMS. Link to news
  • Google Maps, back support for intermediate points in the routes. Link to news
  • The Android OS Share in the US market declined. Link to news
  • Google begins to compensate for the correction of vulnerabilities in open source code. Link to news
  • Samsung announced a 13 MP camera sensor with optical stabilization. Link to news

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