Competition enthusiasts N30/Summing-up

It's been more than a month, when I started the contest enthusiasts for 30. It was a good prize, Nokia 1280, now it's time to take stock. here you can read all the comments.

I will Remind a question: "Tell me, in your case, the optimization time of the smartphone? You disable any features, Wi-Fi, not set the maximum brightness or turn on automatic backlight adjustment? Use of the program in order to wise the smartphone work longer? Are you using the external battery? Or, maybe you bought a battery high-capacity? In General, are you satisfied with the battery life of your Android device and what are you willing to sacrifice?"

To simplify all life, immediately will choose the author of the best review, it was Triton_ – please write me a mail ( to receive the prize, thanks for the advice.

"I had an early phone Acer Liquid. Terribly buggy machine, also appeared with two massive braccae. The first microphone was poor shielding, from which he was static on hard. The second CPU had a property during a call when the traffic (like 3G, EDGE) to send the phone to reboot. But that's half the trouble, yet he was weak, but terribly gluttonous Qualcomm QSD8250 who ate sickly battery 1350 mAh just like the cat Sosed cream. Even on a new device, he managed a sneaky rogue to eat per working day to 30% by the end of the work. And was held to the poor man, after working or exploring the historic streets of Moscow to use the resources navigation is very, very kind. A year later, when the battery capacity fell fatally stepped shaped climax. That's when I decided to take the balls smartphone and find out “where the money Zine?”.

First of all, I decided to study leftist simply on the spending capacity. Since the phone was already out of guarantee I for experiments done on it Ruth. Yay! The innocent girl lost, now we can do whatever you want. You can see the voltage and battery temperature. Voltage I determined charge in different modes, respectively, after the experiments I calculated the current consumption of the different functions of GPS, 3G, EDGE, WiFi, Bluetooth. (then the way found most of these recordings on the forum 4PDA) And in the mode and idle mode. What did it get me? And don't give anything, to be honest. But one pleasant discovery. Transfer music via Bluetooth more economical than directly into the headphones. Moreover, in idle mode Bluetooth practically nothing eats. About 5-10% when rest somewhere between 40-60%. Well! A deadlock is the result.

Then I thought that we should go the other way, to make sure that functions included themselves as soon as they are needed. Began to analyze when and what I include, and most importantly why? Stupidly wrote in moleskin on time of different programs. Tried to download the programs which for example, a predetermined condition is included that either. There is a soft which for example includes 3G when you query the Internet or on GPS coordinates or on the towers (a-GPS). But it turns out that for example for WiFi control should always be kept fallow the GPS. In short to save the ruble you need to spend a Nickel. The benefit is questionable. My husband is an economist and I as a advanced expert in finding hidden reserves said, “How can that be? Zin?” The answer was simple and obvious as all ingenious. “We when the locomotives do check the cost of the complete wheels to them as the purchase and improvised, though in various ways of manufacture.” It is necessary to check the consumption of all command conditions and choose economical. Logical! Can turn on WiFi on the 3G signal and 3G enable WiFi (for a-GPS needs a connection).

And you know what was cheaper? I got 95% on and off is subject to certain rhythm. That is, the management at the time. Unless of course to eliminate hemorrhoid and not progressive way to include in the manual the software remains on the clock. I downloaded Timeriffic and set it up in the morning from 7 to 8 to enable WiFi. During this time I have loaded the RSS feed and syncs to DropBox which I probably threw music or something to look at or read. At the same time is charging from the network phone and a Bluetooth headset Sony MW600 (I bought in order to listen to the radio on a smartphone, and not to torture companion phonesim microphone).

The Charge was included automatically via a relay which is used to run lamps of the aquarium. In the future I it was cut. Replaced the device “wife” that powdering the nose every morning, switches on the lamp, and along with my equipment. Progress though!

Then from 7.45 to 9.00 and from 18.00 to 20.00 turns on Bluetooth so I can listen to music on the subway on the way to work in the morning and from work in the evening. I go out, throw the smartphone in the bag include a headset, stick in the earplugs and immediately click the play turn on the music. At work before lunch from 12.45 to 14.15 included 3G, and in the course of the work enabled to receive messages and mail from 10.40 to 11.00 and from 16.40 to 17.00. Who should come out of hiding I see them, and let them not interfere. I work work.

In the Evening from 7.00 am to 23.59 mode Air. Night is for sleep, not to deal with crap.

The Result was very impressive. Management at the time was very, very frugal and most importantly simple. Always leave the house with loaded 100% device and loaded with fresh information. I even decided not to buy a new battery. Old evening walks I left about 60%. To increase the opportunities in the program I have created profiles with different charts on “work”, “weekend”-when I sleep long and do not ride the subway. “fishing” – when no one else, and only before bed from 20 to 22 included the phone and the connection to download the messages.

And then I bought it.... Philips Xenium W732. When moved all the settings on a new fresh phone with 2400 mAh battery, and features of the Xenium... that was to ZHEEEEST!!! The phone refused to die. I had the feeling that the rate of charge when stuck on day 3 Autonomous navigation charge does not fall below 50%.

But that's another song...."