Vivo unveiled the third generation of a conceptual smartphone APEX 2020

The Chinese company vivo unveiled the third generation of the concept 2020 APEX smartphone with an infinite screen FullView and the bending angle of the side faces 120°, continuous optical zoom and balanced stabilization of the camera.

Also thanks to the In-Display camera and wireless charging, vivo Wireless Super FlashCharge 60W 2020 Super APEX has a Unibody design with no buttons and holes. In addition, the new smartphone integrated balanced stabilization in the main chamber, which is equipped with a 5 — to 7.5-fold continuous optical zoom.

The Smartphone is equipped with 6,45-inch display, which is bent at an angle of 120° from both sides. Because of this, no side faces and frames on the display, which makes the APEX ultra frameless smartphone.

It is Claimed that thanks to an innovative layer of pixels, 2020 APEX increased the transmittance of the screen above the front camera in 6 times in comparison with the rest of the screen. This reduces interference, distortion and flare, and special optimization algorithms improve the quality of the photos. Final image quality is also improved due to a number of optimization algorithms. Front 16-megapixel camera has a photosensitive sensor technology 4-in-1 (Quad Bayer), which allows to obtain clear images using In-camera Display.

The Manufacturer claims that the APEX 2020 became the world's first smartphone equipped with a continuous zoom of high quality. This allows you to create image from 5-7.5x zoom, high resolution and quality, not filling the intermediate focal length using the digital zoom.

APEX 2020 is equipped with 4 groups of lenses with two fixed and two movable