HUAWEI launches HMS Core 4.0 worldwide

The Chinese company HUAWEI has announced the launch of a set of services HMS Core 4.0, which, in its opinion, will allow application developers to increase the efficiency and speed of application development and improve their monetization.

Recall that HMS Core is a platform that provides a broad base of open API ecosystem and HUAWEI contributes to a better organization of business processes when creating applications with tools for development and testing.

An Updated version of the HMS Core 4.0 represents an advanced set of services. The services of ML (Machine Learning) Kit, Awareness Kit, Scan Kit, Service Nearby, Panorama Kit, Safety Detect, Dynamic Tag Manager, Fast Identity Online, Site Kit, Quick App, WisePlay, Health Kit and Identity Kit are the latest developments in which elements of Chipset-Device-Cloud, and complement the multi-function developer's Toolkit. It is noted that HMS creates a synergy between the capabilities of the Chipset-Device-Cloud, which increases the device performance to the maximum level and optimizes energy consumption. This is achieved using the full set of open APIs HMS Core tools integrated development environment and a fully functional platform for development and test applications.