An open letter to the Director General Xiaomi

Director General of the Chinese company Xiaomi Xiaomi lei of csun (Lei Jun) sent a letter in an open letter, where the main points are as follows:

  1. In 2019, the company Xiaomi has officially launched a dual brand strategy. Office Redmi from Xiaomi and their independent operation was a great success. The company continues to occupy fourth place in the world for the supply of the smartphone;
  2. 2019 was an important year for global expansion: Xiaomi income abroad amounted to nearly half of the total revenue;
  3. In 2019 Xiaomi first entered the Fortune 500, becoming the youngest company on the list;
  4. Internet business Xiaomi has become more diversified, and the direction associated with artificial intelligence and the Internet of things has retained its global leadership;
  5. Xiaomi continues to improve its policy management of human resources, the stock of which will greatly contribute to the development of the company;
  6. Xiaomi is aware of the strategic importance of 5G aggregate, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and next generation Internet. This combination fits in perfectly with the concept of being able to offer even more innovative technologies that will help to improve the lives of everyone;
  7. the Company plans to increase investment in "5G, artificial intelligence and the Internet of things" in the next five years and invest at least 50 billion yuan (about us $7,18 billion);
  8. Chang Chang (Chang Cheng) became the Vice-President of Xiaomi Group. Mr. Chang has extensive experience in consumer electronics and will be responsible for Xiaomi smartphones.