On Galaxy Note10+ made the animated film, using classic animation

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics says that its Galaxy Note10+ has been completely generated animated film "the Power of your dreams", where animators and artists used the smartphone as a computer, professional camera, graphics tablet, video editor and even a full-fledged animation Studio.

The Main character of the cartoon – the architect working on an innovative project. After the hero accidentally spoils their paper drawings, he begins to use Galaxy Note10+. As a result, it saves time while designing in the road, and successfully represents the project, showing the stages of its creation in Live mode.

During the creation of the cartoon technique was used multiplane camera developed by Walt disney for the effect of depth perspective. This technique allows you to remove characters in the "scenery" painted on several layers of celluloid film and glass, placed on different levels. To work in this technique, it was necessary to fix Note10+ at one point, not allowing the slightest of camera shake. This problem is easily solved thanks to the remote control functions S Pen, which allows you to capture and switch between shooting modes with clicks and gestures. The Pro mode has allowed you to set the aperture, focus and zoom to get a truly professional photography for animation, and a powerful battery provided the possibility of continuous operation without recharging.

The Animated short film "the Power of your dreams":