For the development of ecosystem foldable Fold smartphone Galaxy, Samsung works with Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Spotify, Twitter and other Android developers

Samsung Electronics with the launch of the first mobile device with flexible screen of the Galaxy Fold has announced its willingness fully collapsible interface that was created with partners and the community of Android developers around the world.

It is Stated that software development for the Galaxy Fold at the level of the infrastructure began in April 2018. In this process, Samsung introduced a new interface and worked closely with Google to provide integrated support for the Android operating system on the device. This was optimized for Galaxy Fold hundreds of applications, including services from key partners like Amazon Prime Video, App in the Air, Facebook, iHeartMedia, Microsoft, Spotify, Twitter, VSCO and many others.

After the premiere display Flex Infinity at the conference SDC 2018 Samsung and Google has opened a test lab in cities worldwide, from Seoul to mountain view and Beijing, where partners and developers can test their apps and services optimized for Galaxy Fold and the Android ecosystem. Along with this, Google made changes in Android 10, including the improved operation of the system when changing the screen size, enhanced functionality and updated Android emulator.

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