In Google Play apps discovered to steal cryptocurrency

Anti-virus company ESET reported the discovery of its experts in Google Play several apps to steal cryptocurrency users. The activity of cyber criminals is associated with positive dynamics of a course of cryptocurrency.

One of the programs were disguised as mobile application wallet best wallet. Description not suspicious the program looks like a legitimate service, as a developer it appears the company best wallet Inc. In addition, search results showed this app on the second line, directly under the official application.

In the study, ESET came to the conclusion that the savings users best wallet in no danger due to multi-factor security system. However, the fake application is associated with another program-a fake, the purpose of which is to steal the cryptocurrency.

After installing and running best wallet fake program POPs up a window to enter account information. Then they are sent to the server of malefactors, located at This website contains a link to download the app Coin Wallet to create multiple cryptocell.

The Creators claim that the program generates addresses that can be translated savings. In fact, users have taken bitcoin to the addresses of the attackers.

Shop Wallet App uploaded to Google Play in February of this year. During this time it downloaded 1 thousand times.

ESET got in touch with the best wallet and reported the threat. The developer confirmed no danger to users, but expressed concern about — fake-app collects email addresses of victims that can be used for phishing attacks.

Currently, the best wallet and Coin Wallet not available in Google Play.

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