Smartphones HUAWEI P30 and P30 Pro got update mode dual video cameras

Chinese company HUAWEI announced its latest flagship models of smartphones HUAWEI P30 and P30 Pro new features for video — mode dual frame, which allows to combine in one video the General plan and increased fragment of the image, transmitting the details of the Central subject. The new mode became available with the advent of the operating system EMUI 9.1, the global launch which version B153 began in early may.

Now users will be able to create videos consisting of two frames taken with wide angle main camera with a telephoto lens. Such images combine in one image the two frames, creating a more expressive and informative content.

Key features of the mode:

  • The Opportunity to capture maximum detail around the subject;
  • Simultaneous display of close-up of the Central object together with the General plan;
  • Combining in a single shot wide angle and zoomed images;
  • adjusts the degree of approximation;
  • amazing videos, at the same time convey the overall plan of the stage and close-up of a Central object with high detail;