Huawei will present on may 21, a new flagship series of smartphones Honor 20

Chinese company Huawei has announced that will present the flagship series of smartphones HONOR 20, which will include models of HONOR 20, HONOR HONOR 20 Lite and 20 PRO. The new series, according to the manufacturer, made in unique design with application of effect of "dynamic holography". Global presentation of the smartphone 20 series will be held in London on may 21, 2019.

It is Noted that the designers HONOR 20 used for processing the rear surface of the smartphone the effect of multidimensional dynamic holography. Glass rear case surface of smartphones HONOR 20 is made using a two-stage process technology Triple 3D Mesh. The lower coating layer is formed by high-precision application of millions of tiny prism-like particles of diamond. Passing through the prisms of the inner layer, the light is refracted and reflected in all directions simultaneously. Then the housing cover with glass and put the painted layer. The result is an unusual optical effect of depth.

A New HONOR will receive 20 frameless display with a diagonal of 6.26-inch, holding 91.6% of the front surface of the housing, made possible thanks to built-in screen front camera with a lens diameter of 4.5 mm.

Unlike its predecessors, HONOR 20 were smooth side faces that made the shape of the hull is even smoother and more streamlined. The fingerprint scanner is located in the right part of the aluminum frame — that is where it is easiest to touch with a finger, holding the smartphone in hand. The case surface has a coating that is impervious to fingerprints. And the asymmetric arrangement of cameras in the form of the letter L allowed to place inside the case the larger battery without compromising the thickness of the device.