Samsung has launched intriguing is in Korean language

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics announced the launch of a massive advertising campaign in major cities of the world. In the night from Sunday to Monday an intriguing video on the Korean language appeared on the largest media façade in Europe, located on the building Hydroproject in Moscow. Stylish black and white animation consists of characters from the Hangul, the Korean alphabet. Translated the cryptic message "미래를 펼치다" means "Open future". Video to announce one of the most anticipated events of the year – presentation of the new line of devices 2019 Samsung Unpacked, which will be held on February 20.

The global marketing campaign in support of Samsung Unpacked started in Paris with a series of billboards "Open future" and continues to run consistently in the world's largest megalopolises, such as Moscow, Barcelona, London, new York, Milan, and Singapore.

The Campaign is "Discover the future" will also be implemented in several stages on the online platforms of Samsung Electronics. Now the website the company launched an interactive game. Users are invited to assemble the puzzle of fragments of the image of Korean text to unravel the message of the symbols and get the chance to win one of the new Samsung this year.