The new version of Google Assistant for smartphone with new design

The Search giant – Google has announced that the world debut of Google Assistant was held less than two years, noting that almost half of the task Assistant is voice and touch screen simultaneously. And now, the developers introduced a new version of Google Assistant with a new design.

New design Assistant, according to the company, suitable for those who prefer voice control, and those who prefer to receive the information in text form. Asking the digital assistant about something, the user will quickly receive a response in a convenient format, and will be able to manage the pictures, "sliders" and buttons.

The updated interface include the following innovations:

  • Larger and More vivid visual elements.
  • New buttons and "sliders" to control smart devices.
  • The Ability to quickly edit your text messages with the touch controls.
  • The Ability to quickly and conveniently get information about upcoming cases for the day (for Android users): for this you need to run the Assistant, to hold up the screen, and see your schedule and other important information depending on the time of day and their recent requests to the Assistant.