Google has officially introduced a new version of Android 9 Pie

Google has officially introduced a new version of its mobile operating system Android 9 Pie (Pie), which had many functions based on artificial intelligence and designed to make custom phone smarter, easier and more convenient.

The company noted that the more often the owners of smartphones use Android 9, the faster he learns and adapts to them. It can, developers to predict the next action almost before the user has time to think about it, use the battery for those applications that need it most and help to stop using the phone to the end of the day.

In Android 9 has a function of adaptive energy, which takes into account which apps the user uses most often and spends the battery in the first place to them, and adaptive brightness — this feature automatically adjusts the screen brightness depending on the user habits and what is happening around.

Additionally, Android 9 helps to solve the problem thanks to the Actions application that predicts the user's intentions and suggests the next action on the phone screen. For example, if today is Tuesday morning and the user is going to go to work, he will be prompted to route to work in Google Maps or to continue listening to an audiobook on Google Play Books. And when he goes to work and puts on the headphones, you can choose between calling my mom and starting your favorite playlist.

Autumn is also planned to add app activity cards with information from the applications, which will appear when the user needs it.

Additionally, Android 9 has a new navigation system using the button on the main screen. Using the button on the main screen, you can switch to Browse mode, where you'll see full-screen previews of recently used applications.

Also on Android P will be an updated Quick settings — improved way of creating and editing screenshots, and simplified control over volume, a more convenient control panel alerts.

Among the other innovations noted the presence of a new control panel, which shows how to use the device, a timer application that allows you to limit the time of use of the application (when the time expires, the app icon on the home screen becomes grey), the new do Not disturb mode, which disables all visual alerts, as well as Guests. It includes night mode and the mode "do not disturb", and reduces the brightness of the screen, when it comes time to go to bed.

Phones have already started Pixel automatically upgrade to Android 9. The device that supported the beta program P Android — such as Sony Mobile, Xiaomi, HMD Global, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and Essential as well as Android One devices will receive the update before the end of autumn. Google also claim to work with a number of other partners, with the aim to start or to upgrade to Android 9 this year.