Smartphones Honor 10 will get a new system of automatic intelligent image stabilization

Huawei has introduced a new technology automatic image stabilization that uses the possibilities of artificial intelligence for shooting high quality photos in low light – AIS. With the advent of this technology, says the Chinese manufacturer, Honor 10 can forget about the tripod and take photos even at night and in dark rooms.

A system Update will be available for download for the owners of the flagships of Honor 10 starting August 3. In addition to AI Image Stabilization (AIS) with an extended set of features for shooting in challenging conditions, it will include technology for accelerating graphics processing GPU Turbo. Along with system update 3 August Russia will start selling the smartphone Honor 10 in a shimmering green color with 64 GB of internal memory. The smartphone will be available on the website of the manufacturer and store partners. The cost is 26 990 rubles.

As noted in the company, unlike traditional technologies of image stabilization and exclusion of the effect of "trembling hands" AIS utilizes the computational capabilities of the processor, continuously analyzing data collected on the matrix camera. Through machine learning algorithms and compares the AIS frames, maps the edges of the image and provides the best effect even during a long exposure – up to six seconds.

Technology AIS estimates the motion of the smartphone during the 0.2 seconds to determine the camera position with an accuracy of 98%. Then an intelligent algorithm selects a particular scene to shoot – "the night sky", "shop", etc., choosing the best settings, shutter speed, aperture and framing for every occasion.

Until the user presses the button, the mobile AIS makes a large number of shots with different settings. The device's processor handles up to 24 billion bits of data to choose the best shots and, if necessary, to combine them, providing the effect of a long exposure as when shooting with a tripod. Intelligent system separately processes each partition of the frame, and removes noise using data from thousands of frames.

Shooting at the AIS avoids blowing out shots at slow shutter speeds, while simultaneously providing superior contrast settings. As a result, the user receives photos without motion blur, fine detail, regardless of the level of lighting and shooting conditions.

First access the AIS will receive the participants of the initiative "Honor C. E. O." that opens the beta program adherents Honor and popular bloggers involved in AI's photography. Later a firmware update with support for the AIS plan for all smartphones Honor 10.