Samsung Galaxy S9 first got the support of the Dual VoLTE in Russia

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics has announced that users of its smartphone Galaxy S9 first in Russia received the opportunity to make voice calls in 4G networks with two SIM-cards (Dual VoLTE). The service is available to subscribers of operators "the Megaphone" and MTS.

Dual VoLTE supports voice calls VoLTE and HD quality for any of the used SIM-cards simultaneously, provided support VoLTE operator. Another advantage of this technology is that if before 4G was available only for one selected SIM card, now the connect 4G is available for both. Wi-Fi Calling is also no longer tied to one SIM card is working in 4G mode.

Recall that VoLTE technology is a new stage of using voice and SMS in LTE: it used for a voice call in 4G network the smartphone had to temporarily switch to the 2G/3G network and after return. VoLTE allows you to transmit voice directly on the 4G network, while it provides almost instant connection (less than 2 seconds) and high quality sound – the interviewer sounds like he is at arm's length. If necessary, the user can simultaneously talk on VoLTE and to use the Internet at 4G.

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