LG will unveil the seventh generation of smartphones series G at the beginning of may

LG Electronics announced the official presentation of its new premium smartphone G7 ThinQ on may 2 in new York and on may 3 in Seoul. The gadget will be presented may 2 in new York at Metropolitan West on may 3 in Seoul in I'park Mall. The manufacturer emphasizes that this model will be the first in the G icon ThinQ in the title, which identifies all devices LG including electronics, appliances and applications that support the platform of artificial intelligence that provides practical benefits for users.

The LG say that the LG ThinQ G7 developed technology that appeared in the LG ThinQ V30S, the first smartphone with built-in intelligence functions. In V30S ThinQ LG smart technology was used to empower the most frequently used features, including voice recognition, and to create a system Vision AI, which improves handling of the camera. Model G7 LG ThinQ will offer the user improved interaction of the smartphone with other LG devices such as household appliances, televisions and many others.