Huawei releases a firmware update for nova 2i with new functionalities

Huawei has announced the release of software updates for your smartphone nova 2i, after which the device will receive the ability to unlock with face recognition and entertainment functions with augmented reality technology for the front camera.

Face detection Huawei nova 2i works in the following way: the user needs to enable it in the settings, to allow the front camera to scan your face, and then he can unlock their smartphone just by looking at the camera. Recognizing and unlocking the screen takes milliseconds and increases the ease of everyday use smartphone.

After unlocking Huawei 2i nova offers two options: instant unlocking and unlock after you slide across the screen. If you choose the second option, after unlocking, the user sees the lock screen. If the smartphone is not identificeret its owner, it automatically removes from the lock screen any personal information, including message notification, preventing access by unauthorized persons.

The Face ID Technology used in the smartphone Huawei 2i nova, has three levels of protection. The first level is hardware-protected storage. Information about the owner of the smartphone is stored in a special secure area of the processor Kirin — TEE (trusted execution environment). The second level is algorithmic — is that the identification system collects information on more than 1000 parameters of the face, ensuring the accuracy of recognition of the owner among millions of others. Finally, the third level is the prohibition of the unlock if the user's eyes are closed. This means that nobody will be able to use the smartphone when he's asleep his master.

In Addition to the Face ID, after upgrading the Huawei 2i nova will get the entertainment augmented reality AR Lens for the front camera, which will allow you to make an interesting selfie. Activating AR mode front camera, user can choose different backgrounds and environments. For example, while at home, photographed against the backdrop of the Eiffel tower, London's big Ben or the Harbour bridge in Sydney or to be in the company of their idols.