LG and Google unveiled a smart watch on the platform Android Wear 2.0

The Company LG Electronics and Google have unveiled a smart watch operating system Android Wear 2.0 – LG Watch LG Watch Sport and Style, whose global sales will begin on 10 February in the United States. Later in the same month, the watch will be available in major markets in Europe and Asia through the online Google Store and in select retailers.

In the watch LG Watch LG Watch Sport and Style equipped with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 Wear, designed for wearable electronics of the new generation. In both models pre-installed Google Assistant. Watch LG Watch Sport support payment system Pay Android-based contactless payment technology NFC. Both devices also feature a user-friendly interface, advanced features of the messaging and presence functions of the fitness tracker, implemented in the Google Fit application.

Recall that the operating system Android Wear 2.0 are complemented by helper Google Assistant, which can be used directly on the clock. So you can reply to messages, create reminders, find out the location of objects. To do this, just press the button and say, "OK Google". Google Fit tracks physical activity, notes the achievement of goals and makes recommendations on training. In addition, provides the ability to download apps from the Google Play Store, accessible directly on the watch.

Watch LG Watch LG Watch Sport and Style have round displays. The clock has a spinning wheel – button switch that can be rotated for easy menu navigation. With the dial allows you to read messages, scroll through your applications menu, or a list of notifications. You can also customize the appearance of the dial. It can display up to eight pieces of information to obtain all the necessary information. To reply to a message provided by the handwriting recognition or on-screen keyboard input. In addition, the text of the response can be created automatically using Google's machine learning technology Smart Reply.

The LG Watch Sport:

This model supports the mobile networks of standard 4G LTE, and has a number of features that allow you to enjoy for hours regardless of the smartphone. Watch able to run apps without a connection to the smartphone. In addition, they are equipped with a built-in GPS receiver that will be appreciated by athletes and joggers. Support Android Pay to make a payment is enough to bring a hand to the reader.

The Device is equipped with a bright circular P-OLED display with a diameter of 1.38-inch (35 mm). The watch case is made of stainless steel 316L. The screen is protected by glass Gorilla Glass 3, and the strap is made from durable thermoplastic polyurethane. Watch corresponds to the class of dust - and moisture protection IP68. Watch LG Watch Sport is equipped with a sensor to measure pulse at rest and during exercise.

LG Watch Style:

Model LG Watch Style is positioned as a compact, slim and stylish accessory. According to the company, this watch is designed for city dwellers who would like a smart watch with a stylish look, and it is very practical. They come in three colors: silver, titanium and rose gold. Removable straps allow you to easily and quickly change the look hours depending on the wardrobe or the mood of the owner. The thickness is 10,79 mm and corresponds to protection class IP67, so even the rain can not worry about what a clock will suffer.

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